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    Sorry, I forgot to post the link: http://digitalstar.com/arving/?Album=Bali%2C+Indonesia
  2. I took some pictures in Bali. Please comment
  3. What white balance do you suggest for C5050 with Sea&Sea YS90 auto?
  4. The Olympus UW housing package does not include anti-fog liquid. It only has desiccant. Is it enough? Do I need to buy some anti-fog liquid. For those who has experience on this housing, please give me advice.
  5. I am going to buy either 5050 or 5060. It is very hard to make the decision. Can you give me some suggestions?
  6. How long is the battery life? Can it last for 3 dives?
  7. Is Ike planning to produce a sync cord for PT20? I don't mind the TTL function because most of the time I will use manual setting. But I hate the cordless sensor. It is too big and not convinence when I mount it on the frame. I prefer Sea & Sea optical cord but I like Ike DS125. I don't know how to make the decision. Please give me some suggestion.
  8. The new olympus housing PT20 has a TTL flash connector. Does it mean that I can use sync cord to connect it to Ikelite DS125 strobe and have TTL flash?
  9. I am choosing between a C5050 and C750. Can you give me some suggestion?
  10. Is anyone using Olympus C750? Is it a good choice for underwater photography? Does it have a slave mode in order to trigger an external flash?
  11. I flooded my S30. I am now thinking about A70 instead of S45/50. The reasons are: 1. A70 has better macro performance. The minimun focus distance is 5 cm while that of S45/50 is 10 cm. 2. the waterproof housing of A70 allows me to operate the aperature setting while S45/50 cannot 3. it uses AA battery which let me take more photos underwater My only concern is the image quality. I am not sure whether the image quality of A70 is acceptable or not. My Webpage
  12. From Olympus website, is says "in super marco mode, the internal flash cannot be used" Can it be overcome?
  13. The strobe does not know the object distance. How can it determine the exposure?
  14. Does anyone know what is the difference between YS90DX and YS90auto?
  15. Firstly, I lost the link for the comparison between DS50 and YS90DX. Can you show me once more? You mentioned the color temperture of DS50 is better than YS90. Please explain in more detail. Is more blue, more yellow or other else? It seems that you have all 3 strobes: DS50, DS125, YS90DX. What is the performance in close up/macro photography? Will they be too strong (always overexposed)?
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