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  1. Item has been sold, happy shooting!
  2. Up for sale is a lightly used housing setup for the Sony A7II Serires (A7RII, A7SII, and A&II), including the following for $1200 net to me: 200FL Underwater TTL Housing for Sony Alpha A7 II, A7R II, A7S II Mirrorless Cameras# 6843.72 FL Port Extension for Lenses Up To 4.25 Inches# 5510.24 Modular 8" Dome for DLM and FL Port Systems# 5510.45 Universal Zoom Gear for Lenses up to 3.0-inch Diameter# 5509.28 FL Modular Flat Front# 5510.35 Modular 1.25 Inch Extension# 5510.54 Right hand grip(can't remember the SKU) I recently replaced the o rings on this rig, and took it to 90+ feet about three weeks ago. I'll also include some extra control replacements in case you need them. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Reasonable offers considered, Buyer to pay shipping TO THE WEIGHT OF THE ITEM I WILL ONLY SELL TO USA RECIPIENTS,, and will withdraw if the sale closes elsewhere. (and my apologies for the dirty sensor--I gotta get around to cleaning it )
  3. Wolfgang, I Can't speak to the 90mm on the a6500 itself, as I shoot an a7RII but my copy of the macro lens is a really sharp, and compares pretty favorably to my view camera w/MF digital back and Schneider lenses on dry land. In terms of handling, Its sticks out pretty long on my Ikelite housing, but nothing unwieldy and does get my housing farther from the subject. I got mine used for mid $700's so if you shop around so you can stay within reason but Sony lenses aren't cheap by any stretch. One word of warning though--Sony menu systems make no sense. Once you learn how they work you'll be fine, and I really like my camera as its pretty customizeable, but I did have a recent moment where I forgot to turn off exposure preview and spent 5 minutes of a dive trying to remember how to find it. I've heard they've gotten better with the more recent cameras, but definitely food for thought. Best, Dave
  4. Hi, Just got back from a week long trip to Ambergris Caye and Placencia following Labor Day weekend. We dove with Island Divers in Ambergris/San Pedro and really enjoyed it. It being the low season, my GF and I ended up getting pretty much private boat tours on all but the first day (really appreciated that they ran the dives regardless of boat size). Additionally, I'd note that the dive masters were really flexible in scheduling as we would wait till the evening to check the weather and decide whether or not we were going out and where; definitely a more personalized service then the larger shops on the island. For me highlights included: Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley: Shark ray was a snorkel with chum off the side of the boat, tons of fun. Hol Chan was pretty much empty when we got there, lots of spotted eagle rays to see. Tuffy: Pretty impressive and deep set of coral, we started out fairly shallow but got to about 90 feet or so midway through (although could have gone quite a bit deeper) We lucked out with the weather (sunny and 80's every day), but I did hear it was supposed to rain for a couple of days as we left the airport. We didn't dive in Placencia just spent a couple of relaxing days, only mention it as the sea grass smell was definitely not as bad as in San Pedro. If staying in Ambergris, we'd recommend staying at Mahogany Bay as the resort is free of it, and it has a private beach that was pristine (if you stay elsewhere the only other option is to go to secret beach, which from what I heard was packed) Pictures to follow as soon as I get a chance to edit. Best, Dave
  5. Hello all, I'm Dave from NY, a bit of a lurker but definitely grateful to the forum for all the information as it helped me get my feet wet in UW photography.
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