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  1. 5 hours ago, ChrisRoss said:

    I don't believe the issue is focus vs Zoom rings as they all come to the right elevation to work with the housing zoom/focus control, they just don't reach the gear to allow meshing.  I found this press release from Aquatica and while it does not specifically state that the type 4 rings are bigger diameter it does note that the reason for the change was to accommodate larger diameter lenses.


    The other thing to check is if the disc under the zoom knob (item 10 in the manual key diagram) is being re positioned fully and there are no stops preventing it being fully seated.  You could try emailing Aquatica they should be able to advise directly if what you are observing is due to having the wrong zoom ring.

    Thank you chris! 

    Emailing aquatica  asap!

  2. 2 minutes ago, ChrisRoss said:

    Is this a new issue for this housing?  By this I mean did it work in the past but now does not engage properly?  Or is this a new zoom gear that does not engage properly?  The cause may be different for the different cases?

    have you tried to see if there is more travel in the mechanism, by pushing it gently with your finger?  If you can move it far enough manually it may mean the mechanism is binding.

    No idea. I bought it second hand one year ago.
    First I thought the ring is only for focus but,  if the size of the focus ring and zoom ring is the same, i'm lost.

    yes, I have try to push the mechanism and it doesn't move more. 

    In the original image of the housing in aquatica website, I can see the mechanism is the same like mine.



    Maybe i need to contact with the local dealer after holidays!

  3. For sale two sets of DIVEROSS HOUSING DRP200 for NIKON D90

    Last Dive: october 2019. Never flooded

    Supported camera models:  (used with Nikon D90 and D80)
     Canon EOS 40D, EOS 60D, EOS 5D, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D
     Pentax: K10, K20
     Nikon: D200, D300, D700, D300S, D7000, D90, D80
     Olympus: E-30, E-3
     Sony: DSLR a500, DSLR a550

    Single 5-pin Nikonos-type connector
    Couple of M6 Hex head rivets are installed at both ends of the housing's bottom plate for attachment of additional lights, clamps or weights.

    Max size Camera+Len:
      Housing + flat port: 145mm 
      Extension ring add about 30mm

     SET 1: HOUSING DRP200 + FLAT ZOOM PORT.       300 EUR


    Both sets: 600 EUR. 

    All gear is in Madrid, Spain. International shipping accepted. Shipping cost not included.

    Paypal Accepted


    carcasa 2 con puerto zoom.jpg


    trasera carcasa 2.jpg

    carsasa1 con puerto.jpg

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