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  1. Yes, I tried switching strobes - doesn't seem like the cable is an issue. Doesn't look corroded anywhere either, but I have cleaned all the connections just in case. I think maybe one strobe (or one battery pack) is just maybe recycling slower than the other?
  2. I have a pair of Ikelite DS-125s with a dual TTL sync cord I've been shooting with for probably 9 years. They have been glitchy for the past year, and I feel like I am constantly troubleshooting them. Much of the time, one strobe fires and the other doesn't. Sometimes both fire. Just looking for opinions on whether I should send them in to Ikelite for service (not sure how much that would end up costing) or if it makes more sense to just upgrade to the DS-160? Thanks for your input!
  3. Hi all. Meaghan from South Florida here. Been diving with a camera for 10 years - don't know why I never joined this forum before!
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