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  1. I believe this dome is NOT real underwater use? (Correct me if I am wrong) It is designed specifically for over/under split shots, which is for shallow water. Sam
  2. Hi, Fun-In Taiwan web site shows several different upgrades; http://www.fun-in.com.tw/oc/index.php?route=product/category&path=73_131_139_57&page=7 but, not showing D200 to D500.
  3. IMHO, D7100 and D7200 is identical as far as camera housing is concerned. I used D7200 in D7100 housing several years, without any problem. That been said, if you are changing camera mode from M to A or P (or vise verse) in underwater, you might consider mode dial lock option. Sam
  4. Hi, I am interested but, new price in Reefphoto is very close to your discounted price. 815 zoom gear 195usd 1635 II zoom gear 175usd. Sam
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