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  1. I believe this dome is NOT real underwater use? (Correct me if I am wrong) It is designed specifically for over/under split shots, which is for shallow water. Sam
  2. Hi, Fun-In Taiwan web site shows several different upgrades; http://www.fun-in.com.tw/oc/index.php?route=product/category&path=73_131_139_57&page=7 but, not showing D200 to D500.
  3. IMHO, D7100 and D7200 is identical as far as camera housing is concerned. I used D7200 in D7100 housing several years, without any problem. That been said, if you are changing camera mode from M to A or P (or vise verse) in underwater, you might consider mode dial lock option. Sam
  4. Hi, I am interested but, new price in Reefphoto is very close to your discounted price. 815 zoom gear 195usd 1635 II zoom gear 175usd. Sam
  5. I am using mixture of 15 and 15a on recently acquired D500 like you described. I don't use liveview but noticed my battery drains a lot faster than when it was used with D800 & D7200. Usually battery last long for fullday/3 dives but I could only do 2 dives with D500. I took my camera and batteries to local Nikon service center and find camera is working fine but I had wi-fi/Blutooth function on for wireless file transfer and that was main cause of fast battery consumption. They said camera is looking for my other bluetooth device(which is my cell phone) in full speed and drains battery. Ever since, I am using 15a as main battery & 15s just as a backup and make sure I turn off wi-fi/Bluetooth before I go dive. Sam
  6. I sent you a PM. Please, check.
  7. Hi, Upgrade was available in 2008 & are no longer available. Sam
  8. Hi, Anthis/Nexus has factory upgrade for D90 to D7000 D200 to D300 D300/300s to D700 D700 to D800 and more info can be found at www.anthisnexus.com and I am using D800 in my old Nexus D200 housing. Sam
  9. Anthis Nexus supply manual optical trigger as well. I use one but, did not test fast multiple trigger yet. Funin in Taiwan supply a model of optical trigger for retrofit market in reasonable price. Sam
  10. D800 16mm f20 1/200 by Dr.Jeon at Jeju Isld., Korea D800 16mm f13 1/125 by Dr.Jeon, Jeju Isld., Korea
  11. D800 16mm f11 1/160 iso400 by Dr.Jeon, Jeju Isld., Korea
  12. Nikon D800 16mm f11, 1/125 ISO 400 by Dr.Jeon , Jeju Isld,Korea yesterday. All pictures taken in fine jpg and just re-sized.
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