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  1. Hi, The prices are the prices you've paid? What is your second hand prices. I honor the interesting Sea and Sea strobes. I hope soon to hear something from you. Kind regards
  2. A few months ago I bought the same set as you have. Hugyphot and D700. Glass for underwater is 16 mm fisheye Nikor, 105 mm vr Nikon and....yes the 17 35 mm wide angle. My poor opinion about the wide angle, perfect lens. Only the prices!!! If you buy one of the nikons, You'll never regret it, and they keep a good second hand value. Good luck,
  3. Are the strobes still availible? Can you sent me some pictures of the two strobe please. scubagunter@gmail.com I'm very intrested in your goods. Oh btw, do you send also oversea, Maldives? Best regards Gunter Vanpamel
  4. Hi there, How is the condition of the batteries, seems to be a "old kit" maybe the batteries nearly dead.
  5. Hellooooooo! Is the set up still availible? Best regards from the Maldives
  6. Ahoy! Maybe I can be interested in your goods. What is your best price? Plonske from Maldives
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