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  1. Thanks! Meikon has 67mm port. So, I think the lens would fit but I dont know, with sony a6000 APS-c sensor & 16-mm kit, which one of the UWL will give me lesser vignetting. Also, with dome, it seems to provide 130 degrees wide shot. Do you mean I need wider angle for the hammers? :-)
  2. Hi gurus, I use a sony a6000 with 16-50mm stock lens with Meikon dome for my underwater pictures. I am planning to go Bahamas to take picture of the hammerheads and wondering if I should invest on wide-angle to get those close up shots. As I was researching, I found the inon UWL-100 and UWL-H100 are the two wet lenses but I am not sure which one is compatible with Sony a6000. Can someone please help? Also how much wider is the result if I use UWL lense vs my 16mm with dome? Thanks again!
  3. I see. Thank you. Is there a general guideline on how we better capture more tones or details ( I don't know the technical term:D) like low ISO, low FS etc....?
  4. The raw file of the picture: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_h9T-09effx842pWkCmfh4OGUROGjRVt
  5. I have the dome they sell with meikon body. I was shooting raw. Let me see if I can attach the link of the raw file so you gurus can take a look. Thanks again...really appreciate the help.
  6. I use a sony a6000 and kit 18-55mm with meikon housing Thats interesting. I have PS creative cloud. What kind of tools that you suggesting? I can try and see...
  7. It does have an optical view finder..I dont have a blind for it..but it is inside the housing. So its not completely blocked...
  8. Yeah..I use the same setup in diving...but I haven't found that issue before. This is quite consistent in freediving/endless blue pictures with post processing....any tips to avoid it?
  9. Thats interesting that you say blue water pictures. Do you mean as general dive pictures or where you are on shallow depth and shooting whale sharks/whales?
  10. You are right. I was processing Raw and playing with contrast and shadows to get the whales clearer. Weirdly when I used the same dome for my underwater pictures, I didnt see this banding. So I was wondering if this is the dome acting differently because of the sunlight as I was getting a lot of sunlight while freediving.
  11. Interesting observation! Sun was on the top and I was looking down and it does look like a lens reflection of the blades. I was wondering why it looks like a polygon. So is there a way to avoid it? Does acrylic or glass matter?
  12. Hi photography gurus, I came back to Tonga and took some pictures with the whales. I was using a dome port on an underwater housing and 16-55mm lens. As I was processing the pictures in Lightroom, I see strange concentric circles in the picture. Does anyone have any idea is this because of the dome? I have attached one of such picture. Thanks,
  13. Hi. This is Abhi from San Francisco. Here to get underwater photography tips from gurus
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