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  1. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to applying more vacuum after your indictor light shows you have negative pressure in your housing? Elmer
  2. I have had 4 custom wetsuits made by https://wetwear.com over the last 16 years. Had over 800 dives on my original 3 mm before deciding to get a new one made. I like their ez on feature with zippers on arms, legs and that they use very warm nitrogen cell neoprene. Being custom, I have had a relief zipper added to allow me to pee without partially taking the suit off. I also have a 5 mm and 2 mm, the 3 mm is to warm for 80+degree water. Wet Wear has a booth at the Beneath the Sea Dive Show in March and I believe they are at other shows too. Elmer
  3. Hi Pavel,

    Do you know of a TTL setup that will work with a Nexus housing for a D850?

    Thanks, Elmer

  4. Is there a TTL board that will work with a Nexus housing for a D850? Elmer
  5. I have been happy with Parallels using Windows 7 and SmartTrak. But Parallels has gone to a yearly fee for an updated version if I upgrade to macOS Catalina. I will look into DiveLog Elmer
  6. I have had multiple masks with reading lens placed in the lower third by: https://prescriptiondivemasks.com They do an excellent job Elmer
  7. $35 is pricey for a lanyard, but considering the thousands of $$ my rig cost, I consider it a bargain to know it will say attached to me.
  8. This is the lanyard I use: https://www.cetaceacorp.com/crl3hd.html It is strong
  9. The problem with this flexible plastic lanyard is that it is not that strong, had one get caught as I passed my rig to the boatman and it snapped in two. I've gone to a woven nylon lanyard that phxazcraig uses.
  10. Just do not pack your tools in your carry on. TSA will confiscate your allen wrenches and your screw drivers. Housing, strobes, battery charges and arms are not an issue as a carry on
  11. Thanks for sharing your dive trip report and pics. I enjoyed them. I have been to Lembeh and Anilao and love the muck Elmer
  12. I have a 10 Bar snoot that I have not used Elmer
  13. To me the most important features about a housing are its ergonomics, how it feels in my hands and how the shutter actuation works. i want to feel the half shutter through the actuation lever, have access to f stop, aperture controls and function buttons without taking my eye off of the viewfinder. I have used Aquatica, Sea & Sea, Nauticam and Subal housings. i like Tim am quite pleased with my Subal housings. Beside the ergonomics of its fit in my hands i particularly like ( and require ) the half shutter feel through the shutter lever. I prefer driving a BMW M4. Elmer
  14. I have been using Tribolube 71 for all my o-rings for yrs too. It works perfectly and does not react to the different o-ring materials, no swelling. I got tired of carrying a different grease for Subal black o-rings, Inon yellow o-rings, Sea&Sea blue o-rings, Olympus red o-rings. Another option is to change all your o-rings to butyl (black), use no grease and just use saliva as a lubricant as one of my dive buddies does. Elmer
  15. I have a D200 in excellent condition Elmer
  16. I tried both, but went to macro mode with a flat port. Elmer
  17. Reef Photo configured a zoom gear for my AF 24-85mm f 2.8-4. But I found the lens to lack some sharpness on the D800E Elmer
  18. I have been using ULCS clamps since 2002 and they have held up very well, no corrosion and function well. I've also gotten some longer clamps by Nauticam (to hold focus lights), 4th generation (Stix floats) and they are working well too. Elmer
  19. Hi Gordon, What type 3 extensions do you have? thx, Elmer
  20. Ricardo, I would suggest you contact underwater camera dealers like Reef Photo, Backscatter and discuss the pros and cons of going from a DSLR to mirrorless. My experience and others that I have dove with is that mirrorless tend to hunt and do not focus lock quickly like a DSLR. So for subjects like moving pelagic fish getting the shot is difficult due to the focus hunting, for stationary macro subjects the hunting is not as bad. Mirrorless advantage is that they are smaller and easier to travel with. Elmer
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