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  1. Hi, Im using a Canon S45 and I've just got an Epoque with Fibre Optic, cant wait to get it underwater... I bought my setup from the UK, will ship to anywhere in Europe. Camerasunderwater Like you Im also after hints and tips. Regarding the fogging up issue, I've had it too but I've managed to almost get rid of it by putting little silica gel packs into the housing, they absorb quite a lot of the moisture. Only problem is having enough of them and drying them out. Give it a go! Skinny
  2. Hi Alto, thanks for the feedback, I'm currently wading through the other parts of the forum but thought that if there was someone with the same setup I could lean on their experience as well. I'll certainly start the trial and error process ;-) Regards Skinny
  3. Dear all, I have the following setup; - Canon S45 - WP-DC 300 - Sea & Sea Bayonet Adapter for MMII - Epoque ES-150DS, with Fibre Optic Cable. I've been using the camera for about 6 months in a basic setup and had really good results but have now added the ES-150DS to enhance my photos. I also took advantage of an offer to purchase the recently (re)manufactured Sea & Sea Bayonet Adapter for MMII lenses. I would like to receive any advice the forum can give on the following; - the optimal setup of the Flash components (Camera settings, and ES-150 settings), things to avoid, hints and tips etc. - which lense is more appropriate for wide angle the 16mm or the 20mm? - is it worth purchasing an Underwater Colour Correction Filter? - anything else of interest! Looking forward to bowing to your combined wisdom ;-)
  4. Hi all, Im off for two weeks sunning and diving at the end of May in Tobago, staying in the Speyside. If anyone has any tips on good dive spots, eating spots or generally anything useful a 1st timer would like to know, well that 1st timer is me! I'd love to get the low down so please fill me in. Cheers Skinny
  5. Get on the case and contact them! SEA & SEA LIMITED Philip House Aspen Way Click here for the Location Map Email us Paignton Devon TQ4 7QR Telephone: +44 (0)1803 663012 Facsimile: +44 (0)1803 663003 Email:info@sea-sea.com B)
  6. This forum is the best! ~Thanks for the info, now only 188 pages to read!
  7. Hi chaps, I just purchased a Canon S45 in Germany, still waiting for my U/W housing, and it came with all the documentation in German, surprise surprise! My German level isnt good enough to make sense of it, does anyone know where I can find an English version of the manual online? Thanks in advance! Skinny
  8. Regarding insurance I can recommend the "Equipment protection program" DEPP Their based in the US but will payout worldwide, Im in Germany and have had them send me "New for old" when ever I've had to make a claim. Reasonably priced and very nice to deal with. Skinny.
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