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  1. Update, I bought the new Inon Z330 and will never go back to Sea&Sea as long Inon customer service proves themselves better than the late ones. Not in a rush to fix the old ones anymore, will do whenever I need them for a bigger project.
  2. Hi everyone! I own 2 Sea&Sea YSD1. I bought them in Malaysia but I didn't keep the invoice...fast forward one of them stopped working. It seems it charge, the red LED turns on but it does not flashes. I currently live in Thailand and I tried to send the strobe to a well known retail shop where they sell Sea&Sea, but due to have bought the strobe in a different shop and what they told me regarding Sea&Sea policy, they are not allowed to fix it. Because of those problems to fix it and because all the good things I heard about the Inon Z330 I decided to change brand. What are your thoughts about the customer service of this company, Sea&Sea? If anyone had the same issues, can you give us all with this same problem a solution? Thank you! Sent from my SM-P585Y using Tapatalk
  3. Member 1 posts 0 warning points Posted Today, 08:35 AM Hi There! My name is Jonatan, SCUBA diving instructor and UW photography enthusiast! Right now based in Thailand but having the pleasure to have lived and worked at Spain, Philippine
  4. Hi There! My name is Jonatan, SCUBA diving instructor and UW photography enthusiast! My first Photography gear was a Canon S95 and loved the macro capabilities at the moment but suffered with Wide angle. That first gear went to be an artificial reef on Jellyfish lake, Palau as I dropped it in the deepest point of the lake and never fount, attached to my Sunnto Vyper dive computer and many memories in it. Passing by a GoPro and enjoying the video on perfect conditions it was never enough for photos, not even stacking diopters and filters... so as soon as I could afford a new gear, got myself a Sony RX100 with a bad housing, wich soon I realized the cheap turns out to be expensive...no! it didn't flood but I could not have access to all the buttons of the camera so I couldn't use it to its full potential so another bummer. The camera was incredible but the housing killed her. I change job and with it a better salary came, then I could afford to buy a 2nd hand Nauticam with for forst time a proper strobe, no more torches and video lights for me... and Oh Boy! that was an amazing step up. Sony RX100 + Nauticam housing, Inon wet lenses, for macro and wide angle and 2 Sea&Sea YS D1... I was on top of the world, firing away everything that crossed my path! After a while I found the macro limitation and decided to go for a DSLR gear, the 100mm macro turned me on at first try... Since then I have been using a Canon 7D+Nauticam+2 Sea&Sea YS D1+ other toys, diopters Subsee, Retra Snoot, video/focus light... The last improvement was to get the Bulkhead for electrical cords to fire the strobes and that too has been a game changer on occasions, although I always carry the fiber optic cables for quick on and off strobes days, like shooting student while diving on a packed boat full of divers. That has been my UWP love story so far... now looking into a 2nd gear as it seems the students for my Photo courses are multiplying heheheh and of course because who doesn't love new toys? Safe bubbles, flat seas and crystal clear water!
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