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  1. Ah, I forgot to mention in my "all else being equal" list - I do have a tray for the TG-6 that would also work with a GoPro, so let's assume they are both being used on a tray of equal size. In fact, I have read that the GoPro has really excellent image stablization; many of the underwater GoPro clips I have seen actually look smoother and more stable than what I have been able to capture with my TG-6 on a tray.
  2. Reviving this thread - I already have a TG-6. I'm curious if a newer GoPro would offer better video quality than the TG-6. Let's assume all other things are equal - e.g: TG-6 with wide angle lens & manual white balance vs GoPro with red filter or TG-6 with wide angle lens + video lights vs GoPro + video lights Both set to 1080p, 60fps
  3. I have the AOI UWL-04 wide lens. On my TG-6, I have to zoom in a couple clicks to keep the lens hood out of the frame. I realize this may be not relevant to your situation.
  4. I would just call Backscatter directly. I'm sure they can help you troubleshoot this over the phone.
  5. I will be on Maui for a month or so later this fall and am looking for recommendations for u/w photographers who offer instruction. Found a few leads through a google search but the photographers seem to have all relocated elsewhere. Any tips?
  6. I'm new to macro and struggling with strobe positioning for the TG-6. Everything I read suggests that standard strobe positions for even flat lighting would be at 9 and 3-o'clock, pulled in close for closer subjects, and further out from the lens for subjects farther away. For supermacro, however, with tiny subjects very close to the lens, it is impossible to bring the strobes closer than 5 inches or so from the lens due to the tray handles (see attached photo). Can anyone suggest the best way to achieve flat even lighting for macro/supermacro with the TG-6 and two strobes?
  7. I've also been thinking about how the new minimum shutter speed setting would affect the recommended settings for shooting with strobes. Here are my initial thoughts for now - would love feedback: MACRO: Shutter speed: lock at 1/500 and never touch it. Auto ISO will likely always be at 400 Aperture: f/8 (no depth-of-field benefit over f/2.8, but the ND filter will better block out ambient light. Notes: For dark backgrounds, these would be set-it-and-forget it settings, and all you need to worry about would be strobe power. Shutter speed would come into play if you want blue backgrounds, for example. WIDE: Shutter speed: lock at 1/500 to start, but be prepared to adjust to get blue backgrounds right Aperture: f/2.8 for max depth-of-field. Adjust down to f/8 only if backgrounds are still too bright at 1/500 shutter speed. Notes: Backscatter's TG-5 settings say to use f/8, but I don't see any benefit to that unless you need to block out more ambient light. Also, adjusting the min shutter speed setting is a pain (have to navigate deep into the menu), but probably worth it. I'm also thinking about using the two preset modes to easily switch between two commonly used shutter-speed settings. You could have one locked at 1/500 and the other locked at, say, 1/400 or 1/350. I experimented with exposure compensation while in Aperture Priority mode with a minimum shutter speed of 1/500 set and auto-ISO defaulting to 400 in dark conditions. The controls allow you access to it, but it seems to have zero effect, which makes sense, since there's no variable left to adjust.
  8. Thanks, everyone, for the replies. Super helpful to think about using ISO as my variable to get the shutter speed I want. Presumably once I get it, I can set it and forget it as long as my angles are consistent. What do you mean by "lock AE"? Do you just mean to leave ISO and aperture alone once I have them dialed in for the shutter speed I want?
  9. Just got my TG-6 and have been playing with it on land before getting wet in a couple weeks. The early reviews all pointed to the new minimum shutter speed setting as one of the big upgrade over the TG-5. Essentially, you can set a minimum shutter speed as high as 1/500, as long as you're in Auto-ISO mode (with option to set maximum ISO as low as 400). After experimenting with it, though, it seems like the minimum shutter speed feature only works if the flash is turned on. With the flash off, the shutter speed seems to be back on an auto setting, with the camera selecting values much lower than the minimum I set. This is fine for shooting with strobes, but I would love to be able to have some shutter speed control when shooting ambient light - for example, snorkeling with dolphins, where a fast shutter speed is critical. Has anyone else encountered this issue? The manual does not mention this limitation to the shutter speed control, so I wonder if there's something I'm missing.
  10. Thank you - this is very helpful. Based on further research, it sounds like the UWL-04 needs to be zoomed in just a tiny bit on the TG-5 to avoid vignetting, but still offers a wider field of view than the Backscatter lens. Based on this, I'm inclined to get the UWL-04 as I'd rather be able to take wider reef shots, and the downsides seem not too bad. But would be curious if others disagree on this.
  11. Bumping this with some additional information - I spoke with Backscatter and they said they recommend their own M52 wide-angle lens over the AOI UWL-04 because: It rides closer to the housing Has zoom through Has better shade arrangement Can anyone help me understand what this means, and how important these benefits are? Thanks!
  12. I'm looking for a wide-angle lens for the TG-5, and the top contenders seem to be the Backscatter M52 Wide Angle Lens and the AOI UWL-04. The AOI lens seems to have a wider field of view, so I'm leaning towards that one. Other than the slightly higher price, would there be any downside to picking this lens over the Backscatter one? Would the overall image quality and ease of use be comparable?
  13. Hi all, I'm a cold-water diver based in Northern California, and am currently working on getting my first underwater camera rig. Excited to learn from you all!
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