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  1. I believe the MSC switch must be included I didn't see a separate listing on the pricing sheet on their website and they didn't ask me when I ordered. This will be my third Seacam housing. I thought about switching to one of the less expensive housings for a brief moment. What I like about the Seacam besides them being very fashionable is I don't have to spend much time fiddling with the housing between dives. Other than the short time spent changing the card, battery, lens or port I do nothing else. Don't have to worry about a loose port because they kind of snap into place. Anyway just my humble opinion. Mine should be arriving shortly. Took me four months to get the camera.
  2. Pricing for the D800 has been posted on the seacamusa website but no photo at this time. Of course current Euro value will effect delivery price. I ordered early.
  3. In regards to teleconverters compatibility you can also go to the nikonusa website and it shows you which lens are compatible and if fully functional I.e. can you use autofocus.
  4. mreid

    Nikon RS

    I have several lens, teleconverters etc for this film camera if anyone is still shooting film or wants as collector items. Prices negotiable. Email me your interest and I'll let you know what. I have. US only.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll be diving Maluku in late November. Really nice photos. Hope to see the bumble bee shrimp. Again thanks for sharing.
  6. I saw this one while diving at scuba Seraya a couple weeks ago.
  7. Amazing. I'm so jealous. What operator did you use in Taiwan? Thanks for sharing.
  8. The locals called this a "donut hole" nudi. I had never seen one before. Very tiny. It's not in my nudi books. Anyone know what it is?
  9. Recently flew EVA LAX to Denpasar and no questions asked about carry on bags either way.
  10. This is our third trip to the area. Thanks for reminding me about the gifts for the kids. I'll probably just pick them up while I'm in Denpasar.
  11. Going on the Damai II in October to Alor. Has anyone taken them up on their offer to provide the dive gear free?
  12. Cozumel is a great destination for macro and there is usually very clear water. Be sure and do a night dive or two and maybe you will get lucky and see a squid. They have beautiful queen angelfish.
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