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  1. Great photos and report. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Check out the www.hups.org website. A member has a Canon 20D for sell with Ikelite housing.
  3. Very nice images. Thanks for sharing. I have been on the Komodo Dancer severals times and always had a great trip. Looking forward to getting back to Komodo.
  4. Thanks to both of you I'll check these two out.
  5. I'm looking for a nice place to stay for one overnight in Manado before going to the Kasawari Resort. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Very nice images. Looks like you had a very successful trip. I will be visiting Lembeh in December staying at the Kasawari. Any recommendations on where to spend a night in Manado? Thanks for sharing.
  7. It's interesting they haven't posted an official notice on their website. You just find out when you are trying to book a flight. I called the elite line and asked and she had a memo stating service was being discontinued. I have booked an EVA flight from LA for the end of Nov/Early Dec to Bali.
  8. I just found out Continental Airlines is discontinuing service to Bali. This is very disappointing since it's the airlines we have the most miles with and have used to get to Bali in the past.
  9. Seacam Housing with two Nikonos strobe connectors, CSM switch, moisture alarm. Does not include any ports or the viewfinder. Does include two dovetail arm mounts. $1150 plus actual shipping and insurance. If you need the camera will include for additional $500. Email if additional info needed.
  10. I have several Ikelite 200 strobes for sell @275.00 each plus shipping. If interested please send me a private email. jrandml@houston.rr.com
  11. What a nice variety of subjects. Where did you find the bluering? Great photos. Also where did you stay?
  12. I've never used the program mode for underwater work. For macro I usually shoot manual at 60 and sometimes 125 sec and an aperture of 16 to 22. Make sure you test your TTL.
  13. Congratulations on joining the world of underwater photography. If you have the opportunity take a u/w photography course and/or there are many u/w photography how to books that will help you improve your skills. Photographing fish can be a challenge because they are usually always moving. You can get great fish photos if you will do night dives. Have fun.
  14. Beautiful. I am so jealous.
  15. Heading to New Guinea in Nov 07 to dive aboard the Star Dancer. Would appreciate hearing more about Air Niugini challenges. I know their excess baggage charge is pretty high.
  16. Leon Joubert and Claudia Pellarini formerly of Stuart Cove's in the Bahamas have returned to South Africa and are putting tours together. They are both excellent photographers and very nice. Check out their website www.bittenbysharks.com or email them at cleon@leonandclaudia.com
  17. Congratulations Karl on another first place win.
  18. You have some really nice subjects. Unusual nudibranchs. Congratulations.
  19. Thanks Karl I forgot it was org
  20. Epic has announced the finalist in their photo contest. Winners to be announced this weekend. Check out their website www.epicphotocontest.com
  21. Karl I've been waiting for you to post. Really nice photos by both you and Kimberly. Sorry about the camera/strobe problems. That's why we have to have so much back up eqipment. You got some really unusual stuff. The rhinopias is really nice. How often to you get to see one of those! Glad you are home safe and sound! Bet you are planning your next trip.
  22. Has anyone received notification about their prize? I haven't.
  23. James... More great photos! I also really like the reef shot with the eel. Perfect timing.
  24. Jackie and I had a really great time diving with all of you. Thanks for all the photo tips. What a great variety of images we captured. Here are a few of mine.
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