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  1. Here are a few more images from our shark adventure(s).
  2. I would love to have a photo of one of those guys, however, I think I would like a little tighter shot. The left water space adds no interest.
  3. I've been diving in PNG three times and can recommend either the Febrina or Star Dancer dive operations. We are doing the Star Dancer (I think that's the right Dancer) in Nov 07. The airline we use from Houston is Continental. We fly Continental to Guam and then Continental Micronesia to Cairns. From Cairns to Port Moresby and then on to where you decide to dive. If diving on the Dancer or the Febrina you will fly to Hoskins Airport usually. Check out their websites.
  4. We also shot this fish (two in the same photo) while staying at KBR this year. According to the book Indonesian Reef Fishes by Rudie Kuiter & Takamasa Tonozuka its a Yellow spotted Sole (Soleichthys sp1).
  5. I have no idea what these are? Maybe a live shell?
  6. I'm looking at www.homepage.mac and also PBase.com
  7. Leslie... Heading to Alor earlier than expected. Should be diving their by Oct 3. Will be looking for the worm.
  8. Great info. Will keep this in mind for next year. Would love to see some of your photos. Are ankle weights needed? Thanks for sharing.
  9. I will be going on Eric's trip next August. Looking forward to reading your report. Stephen Frink has posted a good article on his website.
  10. Haven't decided. I would really like to photograph the Sea Dragons in Australia. Not sure if November is the right time.
  11. Really nice work. Great colors and composition. Nice site.
  12. Alex.... The blue background you got with the Lionfish at Scuba Seraya was that due to the slower shutterspeed of 15? Did you use the magic filter there. I will be there for a couple of days after diving the Alor-Flores area in October. I know the structure you are talking about. Thanks
  13. Great photos and report. Thanks for sharing. Have a trip planned in 2007 aboard the Star Dancer.
  14. Great Images. I think I see some of my friends from "Secret Bay?" What is #17. A nudi? Haven't seen that one before.
  15. Karl....as usual great images. I really don't think you needed a photo course!
  16. I take a 80G Smartdisk external hard disk with me. It is powered by my laptop so no extra batteries or external power source needed. It is also very compact.
  17. I have a "Dazzle" made by the Zio corporation that accepts both the microdrive and the compact flash cards. I connect it to my laptop and desk top via a USB cable. I also have the "Dazzle" compact flash adapter that I can slip right into my laptop. Both work great.
  18. Great photo. Which camera did you use? I have an S2PRO and the instructions for setting the white balance seems a little complicated. I'm going to Indonesia in a couple of weeks and plan to try out the filter using the 12-24.
  19. If you have any information about the diving/accommodations in this area would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks
  20. Congratulations on your marriage. Great shots. Did you get the Harlequin at Seraya or Tulamben? Can't wait to see your ProShow presentation for HUPS. You will do one won't you?
  21. This Sea and Sea YS 90DX TTL strobe was won in a photo contest and has never been in the water. $350 plus $15 shipping. US only. Thanks
  22. Hi Tom... I don't consider myself a "techy" person but when I resize my photos for Proshow I also resize to 1024 x 768 and uncheck the constrain proportions and the magic works. Sometimes I crop and then do the 1024 x 768 and sometimes I don't. It seems to work. All the images are the same size in the slide show unless I forget to do one. The images fill the screen on my pc or if I show them on my TV it's a full screen image. Dennis D is having a Proshow class Saturday.
  23. Great show. Lots of variety. Thanks for sharing.
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