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  1. Thanks Leslie. Sorry that is the only photo I got of this subject. I think it was about an inch long. I should have taken more but I was so busy shooting crabs on the soft corals I got distracted. I am going to try and return to Alor next year so I'll be looking for the critter for you.
  2. I took this photo last year in Alor Indonesia. It moved pretty fast.
  3. Sorry I don't know anything about the Canon 20D. You might check with James Wiseman. I use an S2PRO. I have had www.mpix.com print several 16x20's for me and I have been very happy with the quality, price and turnaround.
  4. As a matter of fact I was just talking to JR on the phone and told him about your photos. I will show them to him this evening. We leave for Indonesia Friday. Will let you know how it goes. Since we are going to have so many wide angle opportunities I'm going to give two strobes a try.
  5. Karl your photos are great. Which lens did you use for these shots? Will have to do this trip sometime in the future. Looks like lots of fun.
  6. Houston Photo Imaging should be able to do it for you. I think it's $8 to$10 per slide.
  7. I purchased Velvia Vision from www.fredmiranda.com Works with most photos but not all. Worth the money.
  8. I have an S2PRO and I take my laptop and 80G Image Tank with me. I save my files to the Image Tank and also write to a DVD after I delete the obvious "bad ones." When I get home I copy the files to my 400G desktop PC.
  9. My husband and I will be diving in Irian Jaya with Kararu Dive Voyages. We will fly from Denpasar to Manada and dive at KBR a few days before flying to Sorong. Would very much appreciate hearing anyone's experience with "overweight" bag charges and any suggestions. Do they weigh your carry on bag? I know the diving is going to be spectacular!
  10. Great photos. My hubby and I did a similar trip in Sept with Graham Abbott diving Tulamben, Seraya and Secret Bay. Didn't see the frogfish at Seraya but got the Harlequin shrimp which was on my list of must have. Just goes to show you can dive these sites over and over and see different critters every time. There was lots of surge at Seraya when we were there which made it a little difficult getting out of the water. Bali diving is great!
  11. Try ProShow Gold by www.photodex.com For more than one picure per page (slide) create composite slide in Photoshop.
  12. Great photos. The variety of subjects in this area is outstanding. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Really nice photos. Would love to see more. I especially like your composite.
  14. I don't find that "silver" fish too distracting but if it bothers you just remove it using Photoshop tools. Should be pretty easy to do.
  15. This subject has been discussed many times on this site. Do a search and you will be able to find those posts. I personally have a Image Tank III 80g portable device, Apacer device that allows me to copy cards directly to a CD, and a FlashTrax storage device that has a screen for viewing the photos. Probably overkill but it's kind of like looking for the right luggage. You just keep looking for the "perfect" piece.
  16. First time to try out my S2PRO and SEACAM Housing in Cozumel last weekend. Used only the 105 lens. Shot RAW and found it pretty easy to use. Had a couple learning opportunities when I had a problem with one of my cards and no battery power on another dive. Can't wait to use the setup at Wakatobi in Sept. This is my first time to post photos hope I did this right!
  17. Hi Linda...If you are interested in diving Bali i.e. Secret Bay and Tulamben I highly suggest you contact Graham Abbott at diving4images. com He can arrange the trip for you at a very reasonable price. He can also arrange a live aboard trip to Komodo. Check out his website for details on resent finds. I will be diving with him in September and November of this year. Can't wait. You can't miss anywhere in Indonesia. My favorite spot!
  18. Does anyone know when the Aquatica S2 PRO housing will be available for purchase?
  19. Thank you for the info on Thomas Distribution. I was looking for the GAMMA 1 charger and found it there.
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