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  1. Hi all. New to WetPixel and am looking to purchase an UW camera. I have pretty much narrowed my choices to the Canon a650 or the powershot G9.


    They seem similar in many/most respects--on paper. The main negative I read about the a650 was that the body construction felt flimsy, of light weight plastics. The upside is that it has a swivel LCD for use above the water.


    The extra $150 to upgrade to the G9 seems like a steep increase and I am not sure how much more I am getting for the extra investment...


    I am guessing someone has already covered this discussion, so feel free to point me to an existing thread.


    Thanks in advance.




    I purchased the G9, Ikelite housing and Ikelite DS 51 strobe a few months ago. While I'm not familiar with the a650, I can tell you that the G9 is great and the controls work well with the Ikelite housing. As for the RAW discussion, I have not gotten that far yet.

  2. post-19105-1208461818_thumb.jpgI've been using a point and shoot, and getting fairly decent pictures. My Webpage. I believe the external flash (new) was broken for that trip and have since sent it back and am waiting the manufacturer's response... it overexposed everything regardless of setting.


    I am tempted to try the camera again with a properly working flash to see how it performs with a working flash. I know next to nothing about the ins and outs of photography and feel like I might be better off sticking with the smaller, easier to handle and pack point and shoot category of camera. And yet... people obviously take better photos with better cameras....


    My girlfriend says she'd like a beter camera to take diving - she's a new diver and quite frankly, I do not envision her having the discipine needed to learn to shoot with a d-slr. Of course that means she'd get my sony point and shoot and I'd be left to discover if >I< have the discipline to learn to shoot. I assume people don't just put their d-slr in auto mode and start shooting underwater, wating to fix anything that needs fixing in photoshop?


    If I go d-slr, it seems "silly" to get an entrylevel camera if I am going to outgrow it. But will I outgrow it? Put me down in the category of people who rarely takes a picture topside, but likes to photograph his dives twice a year....and heading to indonesia in 2009. General/specific advice appreciated. post-19105-1208461784_thumb.jpg




    I went with the G9 / Ikelite and a DS-51 stobe a few months ago following the same debate. No complaints. I used it on multiple dives in St. Martin back in February and was very please with the results. Most of the arguments above a right on. Money is a big one. Also packing and complexity. I found the G9 very versitile. Don't go with a canon housing. Ikelite is much better, especially when it comes to adding strobes.

  3. Any opinions on a Canon G9 with Ikelite housing vs. Sea&Sea DX-1G? My Sea&Sea 8000 died - question of whether to spend much repairing or upgrade. I do have the YS-27 strobe but I assume this will also need replacing if I go to the Canon since I can have true TTL.


    Thanks for your info and opinions in advance.



    I bought the G9 / Ikelite back in January. Used on a 10-day to St. Martin... I love it. I got some great pics despite crappy conditions (high winds and low vis). I purchased a DS-51 to go with it. If you get one, order an extra flash deflecter with it. I forgot mine on the dive boat the first time out after it fell of on entry. (Didn't seem to matter.)


    Off to Bermuda for another round over Memorial Day..... Can't wait.

  4. Hi, I'm getting a canon G9, with Ikelite housing, but I'm not really sure which Strobe to go for, can you help me Guys and Girls??



    Dave :)




    I purchased the DS51 package with the G9/Ikelite last month. I think it depends on portability and power. The DS 51 uses AA batteries (rechargable or not). It travels well since it is small. Having just upgraded from point-and-shoot film for the last 20 years, the G9 is great. Unfortunately the one trip I have taken it on so far was to St. Martin. Heavy winds prevented dive boats form going out a few days and stirred things up pretty bad. I did take about 400 shots snorkeling though.

  5. I've been to both several times.... In fact, I'm of to St Martin (French Side) this Friday. There is some good diving at both islands. I actually like St Thomas a litte better for diving, but the top-side at St. Martin is far better (no i don't mean the french girls on the beach!). Scuba Fun is a good dive outfit. Also, I took the attached picture on a dive w/ Dive Safaris a few years back. Much of the diving is dependent on surface conditions. There is a good sea mount dive between St. Martin and St. Barts if you can get too it. The east side tends to be better, but can be rough and they can't always get out there. Try to aviod getting put on a boat with the cruise ship mob if you can.


    Also, I just purchased a Canon G9 with Ikelite housing and stobes. Can't wait to try it out!!!!


    I don't know if the attachement is coming through on this????

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