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  1. Reduced to $450, with shipping included! -Jon
  2. Reduced to $600, including shipping within the US. -Jon
  3. For sale is a used pair of Sea & Sea YS-D2J strobes. Includes the manuals, diffusers (100 and 120 degree), the ball mounts, and the YS mounts, as well as a few tubes of o-ring lube, an extra battery cap and o-ring for the battery cap. I bought these in 2018, and have dove with them ~150 times. Full disclosure: the battery compartment on one of them flooded about 2 years ago. I cleaned it out, replaced the battery cap and o-ring, and haven't had any issues with it since. New these go for $689.95, get the whole kit from me for $800, including shipping in the US.
  4. I've got an Ikelite housing for the Olympus TG-5 for sale. It was used for ~20 dives or so before my wife decided she liked the Olympus housing that she had with her TG-2 better. Overall it's in good condition, with some mineral spots on the front lens (which go away underwater), and some scratching on the back plastic. Comes in the original box, with the manual and accessories. New this sells for $299, I'm selling this one for $150, shipped. If you want, I'll throw in an Intova double-arm tray (with DS mounts) for free.
  5. Has anyone tried the Sony 50mm macro lens underwater? I've had great results with the 90mm macro, but in lower visibility situations I sometimes wish I could get closer to the larger subjects. Having a wider field of view would help, I think. -Jon
  6. Is this still available? PM me if so... -Jon
  7. I started using this on my SMC-1 when the rubber cap disappeared: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00009R9BL/ It's nice and tight and easy to get on/off underwater. -Jon
  8. Has anyone tried this with the Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 lens? I'm curious if it would provide any benefits there... -Jon
  9. I just started posting at https://www.instagram.com/jon_mcclintock/ -Jon
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