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  1. As far as a homemade option goes, I saw one aboard the Caribbean Explorer. It was made using a lens from an old pair of binoculars, a piece of rubber hose and 2 hose clamps. The lens was the about the same size as the external dimension of the housing. The rubber hose was an old piece of radiator hose that fit over the lens and the lens housing of the housing. Most radiator hoses have a groove molded in them where they fit over a nipple ridge on the radiator, the lens was placed in the groove and the hose clamp was put around the lens. The hose was cut to about the length of an extension tube for a Nikonos. The macro system worked pretty well as I remember. It could be removed underwater and then put back on by pushing it on and if you had a blunt end knife you could tighten the hose clamp again on the housing.
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