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  1. Just wondering what a good rate would be to rent out my underwater camera gear, which consists of Ikelite housing for D80, D80, 10mm Dome port, 12-24 port and 2 DS-125 Strobes. This is a favour to a guy for one shoot, who is a commercial diver and aprox 2 days uw use. Not good practice I know, but trust him to make good on any damage and or replacement. Any suggestions?
  2. I am thinking of replacing my sony HC3 video camera with an Ikelite housing with the new Sony HDRFX1000. I will also be using this above water probably more than underwater. Are there UW housings for this camera yet, and if someone is using one, what is the quality and ease of use? Any other video camera suggestions that are comparable ? Feedback is appreciated.
  3. Printed several underwater images on 24x30 on Metalic Paper and they looked great. Images were shot on D80. Exposure and focus have to be bang on to print to that size.
  4. It is basically set to normal with no added sharpening and color enhancement. I didn't like the color balance so I changed them a well as added saturation for printing.
  5. Thanks for the comments. I never noticed the incorrect highlights of the fish. It was at night and he seemed to come out of nowhere. Not much time to adjust the flashes. The only post production was to enhance the saturation and contrast. Will compare the image posted to the original and see if post processing was incorrect. You are correct with the blue transitions in the shark image and I am getting that uneven transition of the blue in a lot of photographs when I convert to jpeg from raw. Fixing that would solve a lot of problems in other images as well. Again thanks for the response. I would like to post more and although I look at the work of other more exp. divers and try to incorporate their advice, it is very helpfull to have your own work looked at.
  6. Amy trying to figure out how to link instead of posts. Images taken with Nikon d80 and 2 DS125 Strobes in a 8" ikelite dome and housing.
  7. Just returned from a dive trip to Belize. Although 2 storms came through when we were there and the water was pretty churned up, diving was good below 30 feet. Boat rides out to the dive sites were almost as much fun as diving itself. As this is my second photo dive trip, and after reading hundreds of posts by the photogs on this site and looking at their great pictures, it has been a great help for me and would like to hear some comments on mine as well. Finding out how extremely difficult it can be to get that great shot and the patience required. Practice and reading other posts are invaluable.
  8. Thanks for the info. Never even thought that it might be the warm air I trapped in the case before I closed it as it was humid outside. Also have not heard about the tea bag thing.
  9. I was diving with a Sony HC3 video camera inside a Ikelite housing and after about 30 min underwater condensation formed on lens surface making it impossible to continue shooting. I made sure to submerge the camera in water well before the dive to equalize water and air temp but that did not work. Found out after removing the camera from the housing that the heat generated from the camera increased the temp inside the housing causing it to condense inside. Does anyone have a solution for this problem. I was diving in 78 deg water. Did not seem to have the problem a year earlier with slightly colder water. Anybody have any similar problems and or solutions?
  10. There is no mention of a different type of clip, only a lower profile clip that allready comes with the latest housing. I am assuming you mean that you need the lower profile clip as opposed to a totaly different style.
  11. I have a question regarding the 8" dome housing and the port for the 10.5mm nikon lens. I have another larger port for the dome and the installation of it just requires you to place it in place and release the clips. However the port for the 10.5mm lens has a much shorter port body and it seems that you first have to release the clips and kind of screw the port on. It seems to fit but just want to be sure that this is the way it should be mounted. I have tried all the other ports with the ikelite D80 housing and so far they all work fine in pool conditions but wanted to mount the port for the 10.5 (as I wont have time to try it in the pool before our trip) and wanted to make sure I mounted it right. Any help or suggestions would be helpful and appreciated with regards to the port and also suggestions on using the 10.5mm nikon lens. I will also be using the ds125 with this setup.
  12. My first quess would be that you are using too high a shutter speed, as I believe the D80 cannot support flash sync above 250. Try shooting at 125th of a second.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. I will be using it for underwater video in an ikelite housing. Right now I am not to concerned with macro and just start with broad "scenic" type shots until I am more comfortable with it.
  14. I will be taking my Sony HC3 video camera and would like to know if focus should be left on autofocus or leave it at a manual setting. I will just be using the stock lens. Any other tips or techniques would be appreciated.
  15. I need help in selecting UW gear. I have a Nikon D2X, Nikon D100 and want to get a Nikon D80 for UW use. The D2X Housing is to costly and the D100 is not iTTL so that's the reason for the D80. After visiting the ikelite website I want to get the dome ports as I have a nkon 17-35mm lens and a nikon 18-70DX lens but am not sure which one is better. I also want to get one possible two ikelite 125 strobes so I can shoot ittl. Should I build on the nikon D100 and get better equipt and a good macro lens and shoot manual or get the d80 with the lenses I have and only 1 125 strobe? Any help in setting up a system with the proper parts would be appreciated.
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