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  1. Ok, well, I'm not looking for a photo like that I guess. I'm still curious if anyone has any tips on how to shoot the subject. As stated ther water is often glass in these areas and the weather is more stable that would be expected. There are a couple areas specifically I think could have some really amazing shots. Being I don't have much chance to practice on the actual subject, the more I can learn over hte next 12 months the better. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I went to East Greenland in September and sailed through a number of the Fjord systems. We had amazing water, which is common deep in Fjords. Coming home I realized I next year when we go back I want to work on Over / Under photo's of Icebergs. Living in Seattle I don't really have a great place to practice on something of that scale so I'm hoping to get some advice, especially around lighting. Gear: D850, 8" Dome Port and a Sigma 14MM F1.8 lens. What I'm struggling to understand is what type of lighting I need. Clearly strobe lighting is required, but being new to this, do I need something with a high guide rating? We shoule have decent ambient lighting and the water tends to be quite clear generally and very calm. Thanks for the tips. I'm completely new to underwater photography so hoping to get a decent setup and then head into some of the Alpine lakes around me this winter to practice. Tim
  3. Hi, I went to East Greenland in September on a photagraphy tour and came back in love with Icebergs. I'm going back next year and want to take some underwater photo's of the Icebergs and am trying to learn about the gear and techniques. I'm looking forward to getting to know more. Tim
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