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  1. Im using the Sony 50mm 2.8 and it is painful getting focus. The shots are great when you get them, but I must say I am pleased to hear Phil's comment on the 6400 autofocus, as my 6500 can be annoying...
  2. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone had tried the Sony A6500 with a Rokinon 8mm fisheye in the Fantasea FA6500 housing? The lens will fit fine with the A6 (6' dome), possibly requires the 25mm extension, but just wondered if anyone had tried shooting this lens and if so is there any issues as Fantasea do not list it their port chart. Thanks, David
  3. Hi Xberges, I have the A6500 and the Fantasea housing, I have been pleased with it. I did not buy the 16-50mm kit lens, although I have friends who use this with wet lenses for good results. I have the 10-18mm and the 50mm macro (to be honest, I don't use the macro often). My only negative comments are as follows: 50mm macro - this lens really hunts for focus, to the point where manual focus is sometimes a better option, I wish I had purchased the 90mm and still might, although seriously considering an upgrade soon. 10-18mm - I get terrible issues with the white printing on the lens and to a certain extent the actual lens reflecting in the dome port and it turns up in your photos to be removed in post, sometimes its very time consuming and almost impossible to remove. Outside of these, you should be able to get some great results with the setup... Cheers, Dave
  4. Hi, I'm Dave from the Gold Coast in Australia. I have been diving for 9 years and shooting for 8 years. I absolutely love photography and I am gradually getting better... I have no intention of ever being a professional (diver or photographer), however, I am very keen to improve and interact with like minded folk. Thanks for having me...
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