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  1. Housing sold
  2. Hi, I would like to sell the Nauticam GH4 housing: housing 6" port with knob focus gear for Panasonic 7-14 zoom gear for Panasonic 7-14 HDMI connector HDMI cable 2500 Euro (actual price in Europe 3550 Euro) Used for 8 dives only. It Looks like new. I will go back to video. Also for sale: Panasonic 7-14 mm 750 Euro I can send Images on request.
  3. For sale: Sony PMW-EX1 with a small and a large battery, 2 SDHC adapters Sealux housing with manual and electronic controls Flat port Fathom 120° super wide angle port (same like Gates but different bayonet External Monitor, I replaced the orginal Screen by a OLED Boyancy devices, self made, Material is now used by Sealux as well.... The price 2008 17700 Euro in 2008. I ddin't use it very often, mainly on vacation. Region is Europe, I am living in Germany. The EX1 is still a nice camera and can be updated by using an external Recorder like Convergent Desgign, Atomos, Blackmagic etc. Of course my price can be negotiated and is far off the original price. Cheers Uli
  4. For sale Sealux housing HX1 120° Fathom wideangle fully zoomable Flat port Closeup lens and red filter External OLED Monitor Several floating devices for perfect buoyancy Sony PMW-EX1, 210 h, US version, switchable to PAL 2x SDHC adapters for SxS-Slot Aditional battery (big one) Stormcase for housing and lens Housing can be adapted to EX1r by Sealux Nanoflash support in preparation by Sealux NP ca. 17000 Euro (24000 Dollar), price to be negotiated Sell ist because of lack of time Picture on K2op-media.eu Located in Germany, personal pickup favorized
  5. Lembeh Strait - Destiny of a Sea Urchin Video from Lembeh Strait, KBR-Resort in March 2010. Filmed with Sony PMW-EX1 in Sealux and Fathom optics. I tried narration for the first time, music is 50% my own.
  6. Hi, the Sony X520 is a really interesting camcorder because of its low light abilities for divers. There are already housing solutions available with manual control of the touchscreen via knobs. There have been some discussions here and in other forums about the LanC control. I heard today that John Goerlitz developped an electronic solution to control the complete touchscreen! So, an easy access to all camcorder functions is possible white balance included. Featured housings will come from Aditech and Sealux. The housings are available in the US directly, service included. I think that there will be also optics from Fathom imaging available. From my point of view the best optics on the market. Personally, I own a Sealux housings and Fathom Optics and I am really pleased with it. I will also have the EX1 housing very soon. Hopefully, I will find the time to write an review about it. Contact information I found on their website under: www.hgvt.us The prices look pretty fair regarding the features they offer. Cheers Uli
  7. Wow, the whaleshark shot is really cool. Congratulations!
  8. Here is my short video clip, enjoy (hopefully). http://www.marinevideo.eu/mediadetails.php...g+gentle+giants Best regards Uli www.marinevideo.eu
  9. Hi, I am from Germany. I checked this in a forum. I understand it like this: you don't have to pay VAT. If you paid, there should be some kind of reimburstment. Don't ask me from where :-) The buyer (magazine) has to pay the VAT, normally 19%, in Germany. If they charged you this I would contact them again ask them how to pay the VAT. It should be possible for them to pay that locally and book it their accounting software. To my opinion it is wrong to charge the VAT to your friends bank account.
  10. Right, they are now Fradotec, same products, bothe production and sales located in France. If the owe money forget it, they won't give it back. They missed the "Boot" in Düsseldorf Germany this year and it was good for them. They owe me 2000 Euros although I have an executionwarrent, my friend a housing and another guy I know a lot of money as well. Since months 2 criminal complaints are running.
  11. a friend of mine had plenty of whalesharks at wolf and darwin in galapgos in november although the right time is around august there. at the beginning of december the season for whalesharks in kenia- chale island starts.
  12. Hi, I have been to Panama 3 times. We did some diving around Coiba. The vis is not very good but there are humpbacks and dolphins around sometimes, maybe good for snorkling. I did three trips on the Inula to Malpelo from David in Panama. Arvid , the german owner, also offers Coiba diving only or did it. Check it out here: www.inula-diving.com Or go to Malpelo. Visit www.marinevideo.eu . There is my video for the inula and Malpelo. We just finished it for Arvid. I only did maybe 5 dives in panamanien waters. I saw a manta ray, a small school of hammerhaeds, white tips and dolphins during the dives. One time we missed the reef and the current brought as into to awsome school of jacks. From the ship we saw the whales. Don't expect to much but it is maybe worth a try- Cheers Uli
  13. Hi, sorry for my delayed answer, I was on honeymoon in Palau. We know this problem and unfortunately we can't change it. We all tried 10 times in a row. It is a commercial software. Hopefully this will be improved very soon. Just try it a view times :-) Cheers Uli
  14. Hello divers and filmers, two friends and me created a new website for underwater films and footage only. At the moment it is only a private site with no ads at all. Sonner or later we would like to grow somehow. If you are interested: www.marinevideo.eu . The site is available in German and of course. English. Ups, I think this the wrong place, maybe it can be moved. Cheers Uli
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