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  1. I now have the 5D MKIV and if you remove the metal rod from the base plate , the camera fits perfectly to the base and almost all the buttons work in the housing NA 5DIII. The only important button that I missed is the button to select the focus point. But you can leave it fixed at the center point. The advantage of not updating the housing is that you can use it with both cameras. or with the 5D S or SR.
  2. The recommended ring for the new 16-35 2.8III canon is 90mm. But for versionl II it is 80 mm and for the first version of 16-35 2.8 it is 70mm. What has changed is the construction of the lenses. Every time they make them longer. The distance from the lens to the dome should be the same.
  3. Thanks. My housing is of the 5DIII but it does not have the silver button, the button is black. I do not know if it's earlier or later but it does have a kit to update.
  4. Hi Megtooth, I'm thinking of buying the kit for my Na5dIII nauticam. I have a couple of doubts. Does a 5dIV work with nauticam housing na5DIII without the Kit? What controls do not work? Is it difficult to install the Kit? Thanks
  5. Hi Alex, Would you know to tell us until fstop could be used to have an acceptable sharpness in the corners with a Zen 170mm and a 230mm? I have to choose one to photograph wrecks in ambient light. Zen 170mm with M4 / 3 has been a very good choice. But now I'm going to use a sigma 15mm with Full frame Thnaks Gonzalo
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first post and I would like to ask you for advice. I have many years in photography but few as underwater photographer. Underwater, mainly like angular photography. Especially shipwrecks. I usually photograph in Spain at depths of 50-60m with a Lumix GX8 (M4 / 3) + Zuiko 8mm f1.8 + nauticam + Zen 170mm. Sometimes I use a Leica 15mm 1.7 that works perfect with that dome. But basically I use 8mm for wrecks. The advantage of that sensor with that optics is that it allows me to shoot at f2 or even f1.8 at -50m at 250 iso (this is not as bright as the Red Sea) and I get sharpness throughout the frame, including the corners . I'm thinking about acquiring a nauticam for my 5DmkIII and a Sigma 15mm to get a better definition for a project I'm working on. 5D sensor will offer me more quality but I have some doubts. I'm going to lose depth of field, f stop .. I can increase the ISO but I'm not sure if I'll get a significant win by forcing it to shoot at least f8 to not have terrible corners with what it entails to increase the ISO and lower the speed shutter. My idea was to buy the same dome ZEN 170mm. Nauticam recommends the dome 140mm for the sigma 15 but I think I will get better definition in the corners with the ZEN. What is your opinion? I think I win some things but I lose others. Thanks in advance. Gonzalo
  7. Hi! I´m Gonzalo from Spain. Photojournalist since 20 years ago and underwater photographer 2 year ago. Certified as Tech 2 UTD diver. I hope to learn a lot from you and contribute with my grain of sand. I will have to fight with my low level of English.
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