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  1. Hi, I have the project to restore a 15mm that I bought in a lot with other Nikonos stuff. It is from version 1 for Nikonos I/II/III without internal lightmeter. Its issue is that focussing command has been destroyed: - the focussing was deadly forced by a former owner and the sprocket that turns the focus has lost all its teeth, - the 2 x 3 screws of the knobs are stuck by corrosion with damaged screw heads. I cannot remove them even with WD40 or heat. Do you have any information on this 15mm and the parts I would need for restoration (focus sprocket, knob, screws, o-rings...)? Do you know if they are shared by other Nikonos lenses? Documentation and part references would be really great. Thank you very much for your advices. Best regards, Fred
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