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  1. Thanks for the suggestions.I'm aware of the risks and I will not take with me even an action cam until I've done at least 10 dives after completing the course! After that, I'll do other dives with only an action cam and if it goes well I will take a stick. This is not imperative of course it depends on how I feel I'm proceding.My goal is to underwater and enjoy the dive in safety and control. Given this, I'm just worried of the money involved in the operation and I wnat start to do some savings for when it's time. In this perspective which will be the best? I assume the lx5 I if can find a case could be the way.
  2. Hi I'm new to uw photography (Really I'm new to scuba at all), while I'm getting my OW course I'd like to save some money to start Uw photography. I've full land dslr gear but I'm scared by uw case cost. So I'm tryng to start in a cheap manner. My rig is made of a Lumix lx5,Nikon d200 and Nikon d750. can you tell me which could be the most affordable way?Consider that for D200 I got a 12-24 and a 60 micro, so basically I think a cheap case for it could be the best way. Any advices? thanks a lot!
  3. hi there, hello from Italy new to scuba and wanna be underwater photographer.For now topside one :_D
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