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  1. Thanks Tim, much appreciated!
  2. Aquatech underwater housing with ports and case. -Aquatech Elite 5D III for Canon 5D III, 5Ds, or 5DsR (camera body not included). -One camera baseplate -P-120 flat port, -8" dome port, -P-145 port for 24-105 or 24-70/2.8 zoom, -two zoom rings, -one Pelican 1600 shipping case. All ports are in perfect condition with no scratches. $1,500 picked up in Boulder, CO, or $1,600 shipped CONUS. Buyer covers online transaction fee's. Email is best contact method: mark@markpix.com
  3. What I've found since being in the industry (photography) since the early to mid 80's is that every single non-profit will ask for free imagery. Not one of those non-profit places asks the utility company for free electricity, or refuses to pay their employees, but they want photographers to give up their images in return for "photo credit". My local supermarket doesn't take "photo credit" in return for groceries. I shoot images to earn a living, I don't give away my work for free.
  4. For air travel I place a pelican case inside a large duffel bag and check it on with zip-ties through the Pelican case lock holes. So far, so good...
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