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  1. "how many fps did you used during the shooting? the final movie should not be under 30 fps. so if you want to slow it down by half, you must be shooting at 60fps in the first place" Ok, now u r talking in another language - i suppose this will be in the camera's settings?
  2. When I slow my film down in my video program its kinda jittery and doesnt look like the nice smooth stuff u get on tv. Is that my camera or is it my video program? (I have tried Coral program which is supposed to be good and am back with WMM cos its easier). I saw images of g-pro on tv and they are super smooth in slo mo. again - is that the camera or the program they use?
  3. A friend suggested I switch my camera to Pal mode for better editing........what is the difference between the two - dont know what the other mode is?
  4. Whoops, HF 10, yeah a little consumer camera but its still hd so good for me. No hard drive? hmmm, what was that guy on about then when he said it used card and a hard drive bank for storing film? Not to concerned about the time to convert as long as I can avoid loading the software that came with it. I want to be able to just go with the raw avchd footage but need to retrieve it with my Corel studio. On another site I followed the link to Huffyuv which seems to be what I need - a lossless converter. I notice it doesnt have Vista as one of the system requirements? Is it Vista compatible or is there a newer version for this. How does it adapt to my current Windows Media Encoder which is useless and will not recognise my clips either?
  5. I have a new canon FH 10 which has both. What do you mean "consumer cameras"? Do you guys still prefer to work with tape? And what do you mean get sick of editing on a low draught setting? Doesnt the capability of the computer determine the speed of editing and why is everyone raving about the latest digital hd cameras and how crystal clear they are? cant the AVCHD files be converted and then they are ok? Why is hd video hard to edit with? Sorry for all the questions.
  6. I hear alot of guys talking about using their cards instead of their hard drives on their cameras? I would have thought using the hard drive would be better for alot of reasons?
  7. Ok Thanks, so is this what most of you guys do - convert the raw files without going through cheap software that comes witht eh cameras?
  8. I got told this on another site; "well the HF10 records to AVCHD so even though you don't have to use Canon's software, you will have to either convert the files before throwing them into WMM or have an editing program compatible with AVCHD" Is there a downloadbale program so I can convert files thus bypassing the annoying software?
  9. Before I installed the software I tried to capture it straight onto my windows laptop it didn't start anything automatic. I went into my computer and found the camera and the clips on it but when clicked they came up as windows media player clips but never played. i tried to copy them to desktop but they were mute clips.
  10. is there any way of bypassing camera capture software and not using it? Can I just load my images from my canon hf10 straight into my windows media files? the software that came with camera is a pain as it has a small amateur editing suite on it and wont allow you to snip without going through it. I dont want to lose quality if my raw has to go through other programs just to get to my main editing program. my old canon was easier - at least you could snip while downloading - so much for hard drive camera's.....
  11. Just purchased Corel pro x2 with my new camera. Does anyone know about this product and how well it performs? It is a step up for me from WMM.
  12. Interesting discussion. Me, I just have a basic question. You mention the camera as an HF S10 but the one I have is just a straight HF 10 - is there a difference? Its a pretty awesome camera after having my old digitape one for many years - need a phd to get my head around all the functions.
  13. Just bough the HF10. My old housing now is obsolete and am looking for housing for this model, is anyone aware of an ozzy company that sells these for similar prices. Lighting will definately be an issue unless you can have a mounted headlight maybe? donga.
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