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  1. Hi Terry, yes it's still available. /JM
  2. I've uploaded some pics of the housing on http://jayhem.phanfare.com/5291813 Feel free to ask for more detailed close-up shots.
  3. Hi Adam, I'll try to post some pics tonight. Are there any particular parts/closeups you would like to see?
  4. Hi all, I'm selling my Ikelite housing with 8'' dome port and extension ring for Nikon D700/17-35. It's in perfect condition, no scratches, never leaked. It's a complete system ready to use, including all the boxes, manuals, spare grease and o-ring. - 6812.7 Ikelite SLR DC Housing for Nikon D700 (value: 1600 USD/1400EUR) - 5510.45 8'' Dome Port + Shade (val. : 400USD) - 5510.24 Extension ring for 8'' dome - 5509.17 Zoom Sleeve for Nikon 17-35 Wide Angle Zoom - 5509.28 Special Zoom Clamp / Sleeve - Zoom Sleeve #0073 - Zoom Clamp #9059.8 It's first hand equipment, paid GBP 2100 on 18 Mar 2010 (about 2400 EUR nowadays), selling this kit 1500EUR + shipment from France.
  5. Hi all, I'm selling my Sea & Sea Zoom Gear for Nikkor AF-S 12-24 f/4 DX Zoom. 50 EUR + shipment
  6. Just out of curiosity, why are you selling such a fabulous kit and how much are you selling it for? Should be easy to sell I've already bought my D700 w/ 17-35 back in Feb, and an Ikelite housing a bit later, works great:) The housing + port is sold, but I still have the D200 w/ lenses + lens gear for sale thanks JM
  7. Due to my upgrade to a Nikon D700, I'm selling a complete underwater photography system for the Nikon D200, which in still in very good working condition and includes all the bits and pieces you need to take it for a dive. This really is a fabulous system and I'm sad I have to sell it. Sea&Sea housings are great and this old one looks much better and feels much safer to use than the brand new Ikelite housing I got for the D700, which I already regret buying. The complete Sea&Sea DX-D200 system includes: Sea&Sea DX-D200 Housing (Good condition, minor scratches, works perfectly except for the leak detector which isn't very useful but could be easily fixed: £600) Fisheye Dome Port (Good condition, minor scratches not affecting performance: £220) Extension Ring (worth £150, was scratched but got repaired and pressure tested at 60m, works perfectly but asking only £40) Zoom Gear (perfect condition: £80) Nikon D200 Body (excellent condition, original box with accessories: £450) Nikkor 12-24mm Wide-Angle Lens (perfect condition, in original box with manuals and shade: £590) All Nikon accessories, original boxes, battery, charger and a 2GB 120x CF card (FREE) Lowepro Camera Bag (Very good condition, FREE) Two D200 Books (FREE) Spare O-Rings, O-Ring Remover and Grease This system would be worth almost £5000 if it was new. I'm asking for £940 for the Sea&Sea system without the camera/lens, or £1980 for the whole kit. Additionally I have a Nikkor 18-200mm lens which I'm selling for £350 ONO, or £400 with a B+W circular polarizer. I'm based in London (UK), soon in Nice (France) and I'm happy to ship it to anywhere in the world if you don't mind the shipment costs. I'm happy to provide additional photos or even videos of the housing. Feel free to come and see it in person or even try it out in the water, I'll be glad to explain how to set it up and how to use it. Click on images for larger view. More photos of the equipment can be found at http://jayhem.smugmug.com/Photography/SS-D.../12391883_SJ3t5 Some shots I've taken with this system (click image for large size):
  8. I'm selling a complete Sea&Sea underwater system for the Nikon D200, in good working condition and ready to take for a dive! Reason for sale: upgraded to D700. I'm going to add detailed photos of everything. Let me know if you have any questions. Sea&Sea DX-D200 Housing Fisheye Dome Port Extension Ring 12-24mm Lens Gear Nikon D200 Body Nikkor 12-24mm Wide-Angle Lens Nikkor 18-200mm Zoom Polarizing Filters + Slingshot Bag Click on images for larger view. More photos of the equipment can be found at http://jayhem.smugmug.com/Photography/SS-D.../12391883_SJ3t5 Details Nikon D200 Digital SLR Camera body http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nikon-D200-BODY-Di...a/dp/B000CDG4UK Very good condition besides a few minor scratches on the bottom side. The shutter count is only about 15.9K (lifespan > 100K activations), so it should last many years. In original box, complete with battery + charger, 2GB CF card, shoulder strap and all other bits and pieces. Currently worth £900 on Amazon, asking for £450 Wide angle zoom lens: Nikkor AF-S 12-24mm 12-24 f/4 F4 G IF-ED DX http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nikon-Zoom-Nikkor-...s/dp/B000092M1T Perfect condition, in original box incl. manual and lens shade, currently worth £800 on Amazon, asking £590 18-200mm zoom lens: Nikkor 18-200mm ED VR http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nikon-AF-NIKKOR-18...y/dp/B00319DL94 Perfect condition, in original box incl. manual and lens shade, asking £350 I'm selling the whole set for £1290 (worth £2110 new) Polarizing filters B+W 72mm F-PRO Circular Polarizing Filter with Multi Resistant Coating: £84.80 @ Amazon, like new, asking £60 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Circular-Polarizer...g/dp/B0000BZL8X B+W 77mm Slim KSM C-POL MRC - Circular Polarizing Filter with Multi Resistant Coating: £140 @ Amazon, like new, asking £90 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kasemann-Circular-...m/dp/B0002O73AO Lowepro Slingshot 100 Sling Bag - Black http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lowepro-Slingshot-...c/dp/B000BAX50G Perfectly fits the D200 with lens attached + additional lens + accessories. Worth £38.09 on Amazon, very good condition, asking £25 Buy this complete set for £1465.00 instead of £1565.00 (originally worth £2425) and I'll also add two great books for FREE: D200 : £450 12-24mm Lens : £590 18-200mm Lens : £350 77mm CPOL Slim : £90 72mm CPOL : £60 Slingshot Bag : £25 Nikon D200 digital Field guide (FREE) Simon Stafford's Magic Lantern Guide for the Nikon D200 (FREE) Sea&Sea Underwater Housing + Dome Port - For Nikon D200/12-24mm Wide Angle Lens I bought this Sea&Sea system on Wetpixel in June 2008. The first time I tried it out (in a pool) it leaked because the extension ring was scratched, but after a full service and repair by Aquaphot [http://www.aquaphot.com/] in December 2008, it has been working perfectly. The system was pressure tested for 1h at 60m and the dome port has been nicely polished (cf invoice: http://www.evernote.com/pub/jayhem/public#...fc7a61&b=0). I can really recommend Aquaphot for this kind of work, Kevin is doing an amazing job. I've only used this system on a few occasions: a big dive trip in Belize and during a few freediving pool competitions in the UK. The system should still be in excellent working condition and is ready to go underwater as-is, nothing is missing. In the right conditions, it will produce amazing results. It's the perfect system for a beginner underwater DSLR photographer, as it's very quick and easy to set up, very robust and costs a fraction of a new system. There is only one O-ring to check between the dives and it's almost impossible to make a mistake that would cause a flooding. The system is complete with two spare O-rings, a little bit of spare grease, manuals, O-ring remover, etc. If you're interested and can make it to London (UK), I'm happy to show you the system, explain how to set it up, and I can even meet you in a swimming pool, so you can try it out and see by yourself how easily you can get amazing underwater shots. The Sea&Sea System: Housing : £600 Dome Port : £220 Lens Gear : £80 Extension Ring : £40 -------------------------------------------------- TOTAL : £940 (Total value new ~ £3025) ================================================== Buy the whole camera/lenses/housing/port-system for £2340.00 instead of £2505.00 (original value of about £5500). This includes camera body, lenses, filters, bag, housing, port and all accessories, complete and ready to take for dives. Details: Sea&Sea DX-D200 Underwater Housing Good condition, works perfectly except for the leak detector, but this should be easy to fix or replace, although it isn't really needed. It has been damaged when I tried it for the first time and it flooded due to a damaged extension ring, but after I had the housing serviced and the extension ring fixed, it has been working perfectly ever since. This housing is very robust and easy to use, perfect for a beginner underwater DSLR user. For a review of the housing, check out http://wetpixel.com/i.php/full/sea-sea-dx-...for-nikon-d200/ Original value ~ £2200 Sea&Sea Fisheye Dome Port - Part # 56401 http://www.camerasunderwater.co.uk/slr/seaandsea/ports.html Good condition. bought second-hand in June 2008, serviced in December 2008 by Aquaphot [http://www.aquaphot.com/] where scratches were removed. Original value ~ £570 Sea&Sea Lens Gear for Nikkor 12-24mm - part # 31107 http://www.camerasunderwater.co.uk/slr/seaandsea/ports.html Very good condition, works perfectly. Original value ~ £105 Sea&Sea SX Extenion Ring - part # 50261 http://www.camerasunderwater.co.uk/slr/seaandsea/ports.html Good working condition. It was scratched when I bought it (2nd hand) and caused a leak, but it has been repaired in December 2008 by Aquaphot [http://www.aquaphot.com/] and has been working perfectly since. I'm selling it for a greatly reduced price because it might not resist water damage as well as a new one, but it's working fine for now and will last for years if you treat it well. I haven't seen any corrosion so far and doubt there will ever be. Original value ~ £150, asking £40 Some shots I've taken with this system (click image for large size):
  9. Thanks for the replies, I answered all PM's, but in the meantime , I'm still looking for a housing + dome port, would like to buy it asap. I don't mind look/scratches/color/... just need a system as easy as possible to freedive with and that doesn't leak! :-) ~JM
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for a good housing for my D200. It's for freediving, so I'm probably going to need a Nexus, Sea&Sea or anything as "small" and "easy to use" as possible. I don't really need strobes, but a dome port would be nice too. Thanks Jean-Marc
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