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  1. Hi Nedip- Each SEA&SEA zoom/focus gear comes with rubber shims installed and additional shims for proper micro-adjustment if necessary. If the gear is properly installed, the fit should be snug and not require any additional modification. We recommend contacting your local retailer where you purchased your products or distributor if you need more detailed information.
  2. Hi Mark- The fiber optic cable attaches into the black ring on the underside of the strobe head - just in front of the fixing bolt mount. That is where the slave sensor is located on this strobe. A fiber optic cable connection is a slave mode and is considered "wireless". You should check out the YS-17 before you purchase a UFL-1, but that's just our opinion!
  3. As mentioned above, the UFL-1 is produced for Olympus and based on the YS-17.
  4. Hi Steve- You and ardy have very valid points and we agree and understand. We thought delivering the housings worldwide and into capable photogs hands would be top priority, now since we have done that, we'll get going on the sites.
  5. Hi Ardy- We have 3 new housings jsut recently released on the market for the D300, 40D and MKIII and all are in stock in the US. The website takes a bit of time to be updated as it follows translation after Japan has updated their site. So not brain dead, just a bit delayed.
  6. Hi Eskasi. The newer digital DX housings have the focus control knob located on the main housing body, so the custom flat port with focus controls are not necessary. You will not be able to use manual focus from the port, since the focus gear is designed to be controlled from housing.
  7. HI Alex- A bit of wishful thinking of what could be! Stay tuned...
  8. Various reasons to end production of a product, but mainly it applies to a minimum production run, sales and the market-life of the actual camera. Japan has very close relationships with the majors and hence our time to market on DSLR housings are some of the fastest in the industry. It's a lose-lose, if we do another run and the camera goes away, one could imagine the $ involved in sitting on dead-stock, flip side is not being able to meet some demand.
  9. Hi pakman- Was the caseback on and locked? All of the housings need the rear cover pressure to make alignment proper. Just a thought, it looks like it is meshing OK now. Congrats on having one of the first 40D's out there! Now go get it wet!
  10. HI Ralphy- SEA&SEA posts here on wetpixel are from the US agent handling N.A., S.A., Mexico and the Carribbean. Thanks.
  11. Hi Pakman- No problem, thank you. Yes, you are correct on the bulkheads.
  12. HI Montague- We have plenty of stock of the DX-D200 housing, so have no worries. Please understand that if the housing is marked as discontinued - it is only a term relating to production due to minimum quantities. Stock at retailers and distributors should be fine for the next 3-4 months. Unfortunately, as you are aware, we are all dealing with very short product life-cycles on digital products and electronics and it is reactionary to what Nikon and Canon do.
  13. HI Steve- The housings were announced in early November with prototypes @ DEMA only 60 or so days ago including holidays. Give us a few days! Here are some initial specs on the MDX-40D: #06133 MDX-40D Housing CONSTRUCTION Front case: Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, alumite treatment Rear case: Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, alumite treatment DEPTH RATING: 60m / 200ft DIMENSIONS(WxHxD) 317x168x137mm / 12.5x6.6x5.4inch WEIGHT Approx 2,700g / 95.2oz (Housing only)
  14. Hi Steve- The 2008 catalog was printed and designed prior to the MDX series housings being art or camera ready, so unfortunately, they did not make the catalog. The product content of the english version website is maintained by Sea&Sea Japan and there is normally a delay getting that site updated with the information along with english press releases. We are printing and developing MDX series materials currently and will be distributing to our retailers in the next month or so. In the interim, the site will be updated with the information and yes, the other models are discontinued - production has ceased, but that does not mean out of stock at retailers or distributors.
  15. The lens has not been tested yet, but when it is the system charts will be updated with the proper configuration. Thank you.
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