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  1. Not best practice to join a forum solely to reply to one post, however, in the best interests of persons approached by Media Drum World in the future or at present, I'd no choice. I too was emailed out of the blue one day by Media Drum World, I was delighted and agreed to supply the images they sourced from me, in fact, we signed an agreement whereby they would split all earnings equally on that occasion and thereafter. For the best part of two years, our arrangement was in place, until, I noticed my work in circulation and unaccounted for. It took me a long time to collate the uses in different papers, magazines and on different websites, fifteen or twenty in total. I was made to wait months for payments. I bore the brunt of poor communication and terrible excuses on part of the Media Drum World accounts 'team'. In no way, shape or form would I recommend Media Drum World as an agency to best represent anybody's work in the long term where, owing to huge payment delays, the effort vs reward equation is not in the contributor's favor
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