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  1. Use this sync cord to attach Sea & Sea or Inon strobes to Nikonos style sync ports on a housing. may have been used. I have at least 12 of them, some are longer some are short, your choice new are 125 I am selling them for 75 dollars each and free shipping in the US. email me is faster, reefseeker@gmail.com Thanks
  2. I used it once for 30 minutes. Cleaning out my closets. Make offer please email to reefseeker@gmail.com
  3. Used only a few times. Perfect shape With or without TTL converter. please email me, reefseeker@gmail.com In Southern California Make offer, also have a D300 camera body and just about anything else you might need for sale.
  4. Make reasonable offer, I am in Southern CA will ship anywhere. Pickup or Paypal Look at pictures and ask me anything. Too much work to list each item http://reefseeker.smugmug.com/Scuba-Gear-to-Sell/n-nRTDF - more and better pictures here some items are, more items in pictures D100 and housing D200 and Light and Motion Housing, used trip D300 Sea&Sea with TTL converter all above with camera bodies, just add lens. I might have some to sell also, just ask Underwater metal dector. I used it for 30 minutes. (yep something wrong with me) Nikon electric cables. some are new, some are used but all work Nite Rider gas video lights. Ultra lite arms Sting Ray lll video housing and Sony camera with video monitor ys-90 one like new, one never got wet. Travel BCD's the Scaba pro and the Cressi is brand new never used Spare Air tank rig to fill your own Spare Air email me at reefseeker@gmail.com or reply here Carl
  5. Always carry a spray bottle of "Salt Away" .. stuff I use to rinse out my outboard engine... works great.. then when done and going to put away, wipe on tire shine, and put all my arm joints (ultra lite stuff) in a plastic bad with a lot of tire shine and seal it up till next time. My stuff looks better than new. Makes everything shine and smooth working better than new. Only other tip is smell some different brands, some have really nice smell some smell oily..
  6. Registrant: Mike Luzansky 14 monarch bay plaza #361 monarch beach, California 92629 United States Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com) Domain Name: HANG11PRODUCTIONS.COM Created on: 11-Feb-11 Expires on: 11-Feb-12 Last Updated on: 11-Feb-11 Administrative Contact: Luzansky, Mike mike@h2ophotopros.com 14 monarch bay plaza #361 monarch beach, California 92629 United States (818) 535-3251 Technical Contact: Luzansky, Mike mike@h2ophotopros.com 14 monarch bay plaza #361 monarch beach, California 92629 United States (818) 535-3251
  7. That is funny, he is my local distributor.. well guess was.. always had a feeling this day would come.
  8. I have been there and around there over 20 times. December is raining season. Rains from end of November till end of February early March. FYI.... Never know the weather, you could get lucky but I wouldn't take the chance. I belong to a club there, if you send me your email if we have a spot I will let you know. Going with our club will save you more than half.
  9. Trouble with my eyes forcing me to sell. $3,200 for Housing and Sea&Sea adapter ring included. If you want Nikon D200 Body if you buy Housing I would sell this at good price. YS-350 is used bit but works perfect. Email me at reefseeker@gmail.com or you can call me 949-495-7130 in Southern California. Carl
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