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  1. This is the sort of thread I was hoping I would find here. The acrylic dome port that came with my secondhand aquatech housing had a few deep scratches. Going off the recommendation of the people at aquatech I got the novus kit. it worked ok but I cant get it up to a perfect clear finish and it looks like it has thousands of tiny scratches in the acrylic. Ive spent hours trying to gently polish them out but its not working, somehow theres more scratches on the inside of the dome than out so Im thinking the micro mesh is the way to go here.... Has anyone else had this issue with the novus system Or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Hi all, My name is Luke, Im from a small town in remote northern Australia. Im just starting my venture into underwater photography and Im really looking forward to learning a lot from you all! Im currently running my beloved canon 7D mki and just picked up an aquatech CO-7 sports housing.
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