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  1. hi, i'm an user of the "HeinrichsWeikamp ettl converters".. it works well and installing it was not an hard task, just follow the converter guide about wire scheme. One big problem that i have was that i was unable to fire the strobe above 3meter deep.. after a long brainstorming with heinrich and my housing vendor i found the problem and solved it see this post i'm using a fantasea 350 housing with nikon bulkhead, ys-90a and ys-120 as strobe bye albe
  2. Today Matthias reply to my mail, the connector are called Tyco/AMP "Micromatch" bye albe
  3. yes, i've changed the battery and also tried to leave the converter without battery for some hours but nothing change
  4. hi, yesterday my Heinrichs ettl converter stops working, sometime the camera (eos350) can't see it, sometime it give wrong parameter to the camera (always 200ms and highter aperture) anyway i can't use strobe. i wrote to Heinrichs and while i'm waiting for a response i've a question for you.. i'd like to build something like a bypass of the converter to use the strobe in manual mode without the converter.. the problem is the connector, i don't know the model name of them and in some electronic shop arount me i was unable to find them.. i need the "board" version of the connector #1 and #2 so i can build the bypass thx albe
  5. hi, i'd like to share my flood story with you i'have a dslr system with 2 strobe, ys-110 as primary and ys-90A as slave yesterday i was in a boat for 3 dive , 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening. during the first and the second dive every thing works fine and as usual i shot some picture both dive was about 15 meters deep during the evening dive i took some picture but aftere a while the slave strobe die. i was thinking at a battery issue but when i arrived on boat i found the battery conpartment was full of water after i cleaned the strobe i was sure it was died and i was prepared to fight with my seller because the strobe was almost new. today i was at the shop and the seller put 4 new battery in the strobe and..... miracle!! the strobe still survive he told me that the ys strobe has a separated compartment for battery and strobe's electronic so if you flood the battery the strobe survive now he will clean the battery contact,test the o-ring and the strobe will be as new hope that this story will be usefull to someone byebye albe
  6. i'm in similar situation of vannar. I live in toscany and near my home there is only one dSLR shop... i bought my fantasea housing (at good price) and a ys-90 (at bad price) from it... some time later i need the macro port for the housing and after lots of phone call and visit to the shop they told me that they was unable to provide me that item... retourning home i registered in the fantasea site and ordered the port... it arrived within a week. then i bought the ys-110 on ebay, than i bough a sigma lens in the shop mentioned before, then some accessories in the fantasea site and tomorrow a dome port in a german site... the support offered by "real people" in a shop near home may be great thing but a little shop can't provide variety of equipment and variety of price and i don't think that there are lot of big shop with 10-15 different housing for each model of dslr camera around the world
  7. thx for response, today i bought the sigma 10-20 so in the next future i'll buy the dome port did you have some photo of that port? around the net i found only the official photo thx albe
  8. nothing special with me: silicon grease, oring for housing&strobe, extra battery and battery charger
  9. hi, im' considering to buy the 5 Inch Dome Port of fantasea for my fantasea 350 housing and i've a question about the zoom control of the dome, in the fantasea's site they told that this dome has the zoom control but in some other site where i'd like to buy it ,there is no mention about zoom control.. so i ask you if there's only one version of this dome port or there is a version with zoom and a version without thx albe
  10. thx for replay i made some test in water and outside i'm using the 120 as main flash, connected to the ttl converter and set in ttl mode, the y-90 is used as slave because it has more adjustable power... for some time i'll shot with this configuration and if i'm not convinced by the result i'll buy a double ttl cord anyway i found a strange thing, if i try to set the ys-90 as ttl/slave, and the 120 as main the shot is very very dark...
  11. maybe i miss something... if i know correctly the preflesh is used bye the compact camera while shooting ... anyway when i shot with my dslr the strobe emit only a single flash..
  12. thx for response, if i understand it's not sure if the 120 is compatible with the converter, ok i'll verify when the strobe arrive.. for the other question? it support slave ttl ? this site list the various ys strobe and the 120 is marked as ttl-slave but some other site refute it...
  13. hi, i have a canon 350d with fantasea housing ,heinrich ttl converter and a ys-90auto connected to it. i recently won a ys-120 strobe on e-bay and i'd like to use it as slave strobe in ttl mode the problem is that i can't understand if this strobe has the ttl slave funcion or not... some site say yes, some other say no... some ys-120 owner can tell me if this funcion is present or not? if the ttl slave funcion is not possible i'll try to use the strobe as normal slave and if i'm not satisfied i'll try to use a dual cord... someone tried to use ys-90 and ys-120 connected with dual cord to the heinrich ttl converter? thx albe
  14. hi, i bought the fantasea housing form my canon 350d and in the pack there was 2 square oring i'd like to buy another one or two but i can't find site that sell it... can you suggest me a site? thx
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