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  1. So the one for the A7-I does indeed support zooming but the one for the A7-II does not? then we are back into getting a A7-I instead, right? I found online a dome port with adapter for the A7-I housing, it is a bit pricey (180 euros) but it would solve that one issue I guess. So if I were to get an a7-I or A7-I S, I could still zoom underwater and get the dome port for extra cash. Would that work alright? with a 28-70mm kit lens... I could probably also fit another prime if in the future I decide to get another lens (although I doubt it right now)
  2. My only issue with those cameras is that I would never use them outside of the water, which is why I was aiming at a Sony A7. Because I would then probably end up using it sometimes too if I wanna have something good and compact. Those two cameras would be awful for me to use and would end up just as my diving cam and nothing else and that would be a bit pointless. I guess its pretty much the same issue here. I would not use a 6300 for photography in land... stay as my underwater gear and I don't know if I wanna throw up to a thousand for a higher quality GoPro haha. What if I got the Sony A7 II and the housing for it? would that be a much viable or logical option? I would get the dome port from the casing, the zooming abilities, and still have a pretty good camera for underwater or even outside of the water. With improved specs compared to the A7-I
  3. Hello fellow photographers and divers! I have some doubts that are killing me internally and keep me from sleep 😂. I have thought of buying a Sony Alpha a7 mark 1, and keep it as my dive camera. Since its not too expensive, its compact, and it does a great job. I am also considering getting the A7 s, which will potentially improve the results and the price difference is not too much. It would be worth it. My reason to go for a Sony Alpha as my dive camera is because their underwater housing are extremely cheap (the Meikon ones) and ive read great reviews about those housings. Also because they are overall quite good and it would work great as a backup, light camera to use aside of my massive 6D + 70-200mm setup. I am planning to just go for the 28-70 kit lens, since its also cheap and it does deliver as expected. Price range is 170-250 euros as used... I am planning to get the camera and lens as second hand. My only issue with this setup is that the Meikon housing for the mark 1, does not have a dome port. And it is something I would quite love to have. The housing designed for the mark 2 however, does support a dome port. So in theory, In order to have a dome port, I would need to start looking at the mark 2 series... For the price of a Sony Alpha a7 II, I could get the A7S (mk 1) and the a7s would be a lot better for what I need... (4k, and low light monster). Now if I have to get the A7S II, then the price would already drastically increase and its out of my budget. So its not worth it just for the dome port. I would love to know your suggestions. If I my setup is not worth it, if there is a better option for me... If the dome port is at all THAT necessary... If you could point out any flaws in this setup im thinking of... things I would eventually regret, I would be FOREVER thankful!! Should I still go for this setup with the A7 and sacrifice the dome port, in order to save as much money as I can? Of course im not expecting professional level pictures, but also not GoPro level pictures.. I want something that looks somewhat decent. I was not planning to exceed a budget of 1000 euros... (A7 + LENS + Housing would be a total of ca. 800-1000 (tops) euros, if I decide for the A7S instead, it would be a total of ca. 1250)
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