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  1. I have upgraded to a DSLR UW-rig and have a Nauticam WWL-1 wet lens for sale in mint condition. For use with Sony E, FE systems such as the full frame Sony A7, Canon M or Micro 4/3 such as Olympus M.ZUIKO, Panasonic Lumix. It is also great for compact cameras such as Sony RX100 version II to V and Canon PowerShot G7X, G16, S120 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 With this lens you can take 130° wide angle pictures but also shoot awesome close focus WA pictures. Excerpt from Nauticams website. (read more and take a look at pictures taken with the WWL-1 lens at Nauticams website) BREAKTHROUGH LENS DESIGN ZOOM TO FRAME STUNNING FIELD OF VIEW INCREDIBLE SHARPNESS & CONTRAST CLOSE FOCUS Current backscatter price is US$1680: Nauticam WWL-1 Wet Wide Lens 130°, $1,320 Nauticam Buoyancy Collar, $58 Nauticam Hard Cap, $92 N50 Short port with M67 thread, $210 Included in the package: Carrying Case Neoprene Cover Rear Lens Cap for WWL M67 Mounting Ring Bayonet Mounting Ring Buoyancy Collar Front hard cap N50 Short port with M67 thread I'm only asking for US$800 plus shipping. I live in Sweden and the shipping is around $50-60 to US.
  2. I've searched a bit more and came across a video from Tokina where they actually explained the difference between the old lens with hood and the new lens without. What Tokina has done to enable the lens for FF is just to remove the hood. Thats it. No other difference.
  3. Thanks Tim I just saw that the no hood lens is now also compatible with the FF. Does this mean that there are any changes for the cropped sensor because of this? https://tokinalens.com/catalog/lenses/?p%5B4%5D=AT-X%20AF&p%5B5%5D=Wide%20Zoom
  4. Hi The Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye Lens for nikon can be bought with or without a hood. Do you actually need the hood when used UW? /Jonas
  5. Hi I'm going to buy a used Sea & Sea mdx-d500 housing. I have two Inon 330 strobes that I like to continue using. I can't seem to find wether or not the Optical YS Converter/N1 from Sea & Sea will work fine with my Inon 330 in TTL mode. Does anyone know if there are any issues with this combo or do they work 100% and fast? Then I saw the i-TURTLE SMART TTL converter from art-electronics that seems to work with the MDX housing and Inon 330. Anyone using this TTL converter that like to share their opinion? Are you happy with or would you go for the Sea & Sea converter? Happy to hear your thoughts and opinions.
  6. Hi Tim and Tom and thank you for your input @Tim you're right that i didn't mention WA as an own separate number in the list but within number 3. I'm on thin ice here so correct me if I'm wrong but I got the impression that you'll be able to get WA with the Nauticam MWL-1 on a FX camera with a 60mm lens or the WACP with the AF Nikkor 28-70mm. Am I correct? Can I use these on a DX camera or are they only working on the FX cameras? @Tom If I can't use a 60mm with the Canon 5D I guess that will remove it from the list. Jonas
  7. Hi all I'm in the process of upgrading from my RX100IV to a dSLR system (the RX100IV with Nauticam housing and WWL-1 lens will be for sale when I've upgraded). I've started to read a lot about cameras and see that the d500 and d850 are popular Nikon choices for the DX and FX respectively. I can't find that much about the 5D mark IV and 7d mark II from Canon. Is Nikon the foremost choice for underwater photography? If so, how come? Is it because the Nikon lenses are better or is the technology in the cameras better from Nikon? Is it correct that I can only use the Nauticam SMC-1 on the 105mm lens and not on the 60mm lens while I can use the SMC-1 on the 60 and 100mm from Canon? Can I use the CMC-1 on the Nikon 60mm? Would it make sense for macro? Since I'm not moving anything from my R100IV setup would you recommend me going for a full frame or a cropped camera? I like to take macro/super macro photos in e.g. Lembeh but I'm also interested in using the new Nauticam MWL-1 and perhaps WACP in order to reduce the amount of lenses and domes ports for the housing. Would you recommend me starting with a 60mm or a 100/105mm lens for macro? I read that several people stopped using their 60mm after awhile and just using their 105mm and SMC-1 and even a multiplier. I would like not to travel with a container of stuff just in case I might need it and I would like to "invest" in a camera that I can use for a long time and be happy with.
  8. Hi all members I'm a swede loving to dive in the coral triangle.
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