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  1. I know that many use the Nikon 105mm or Canon 100mm together with the SMC-1 plus multiplier but have anyone tried to use the 105mm with the CMC-1 on a DX camera (D-500 etc)? Did you get any good result? Diffractions, sharp corners, image quality etc?
  2. Thanks, I thought so Tim, that’s why I started with that I was sorry if this had been covered before. I also tried to search for the topics but try to search for, arm AND clamp, and see the results. It’s very hard to use the search for things that is used in so many different topics. I will put it on my todo list how to perform a proper search. Maybe you could point me to that tread and then we could close this one? Thank you all for replying even though it had been covered before.
  3. Hi I'm sorry if this already has been covered before. I'm using clamps and arms that I'm not so happy with. They are very narrow in angle if you're not trying to move the arms in the joint direction. I've seen the S&S's new SA8 II. The new clamp can be set so that you can move the arms 60 degrees sideways. Instead of buying a new set of clamps just to try I'd rater hear your opinions of clamps and arms. What is you favorite brand and why?
  4. I heard that the pictures wasn't showing so I have edited the post and moved the pictures to Flickr. I hope you will be able to see them now.
  5. I like to share my lightweight insert creation. I had a hard time to find any good options for my carry on bag so I started to look at options how to make the inserts myself. I bought a light weight foam mat, velcro tape, and fabric that the velcro stick to, like loop fabric from Velcro etc. The total cost is around US$25 (not including the carry on bag price). I had to use another fabric type than the fabric described above since I couldn’t find the loop fabric locally. I recommend that you use a more stiffer fabric than I got hold on. My fabric stretches so I had to saw strait seems to fixate it onto the foam mat. I hope it will help someone else. The empty carry on bag weigh 1.65kg/3.64lb The total weight of my insert setup is 452g/15.9oz The total weight with my current gear that you can see in the picture is 10.9kg/24lb
  6. I was assuming that the E-Opto worked like the TTL-converters like S&S etc. Now I know better thanks to you. Thank you Jerry
  7. What is the fastest shutter speed you can use with the E-Opto converter? There is no specs about this on the website.
  8. Nice reading. Tim, does the DGX version work on d500 and tokina 10-17? What apertures is the AF working on? Would like to test the setup. Any suggestions for a zoom-ring for the sea&sea mdx housing?
  9. May I ask what you think was the leaking reason? Was it the sentinel that leaked the water?
  10. Hi Thanks for your input. Sounds good that it might not be such a big issue. Then I will send it in for service once the housing needs it. The problem is if that occurs on a trip though. Would be nice to be able to fix it on the spot.
  11. Is there anyone that can help me with information/guides about what o-rings, springs etc that is used for the Sea&Sea mdx-d500housing? I’d like to service it myself since I’m travelling to places like Lembeh. It doesn’t make sense to send it in for service after each trip to get rid of all the sand in the buttons. I know that some of you would like to avoid me from doing it myself but come on, It’s not rocket science how to do remove and replace parts. And you also have the vacuum system to help you detecting any leakage problem. Anyone? Private message me or reply to this topic. I guess more ppl might be interested.
  12. I have upgraded to a DSLR UW-rig and have a Nauticam WWL-1 wet lens for sale in mint condition. For use with Sony E, FE systems such as the full frame Sony A7, Canon M or Micro 4/3 such as Olympus M.ZUIKO, Panasonic Lumix. It is also great for compact cameras such as Sony RX100 version II to V and Canon PowerShot G7X, G16, S120 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 With this lens you can take 130° wide angle pictures but also shoot awesome close focus WA pictures. Excerpt from Nauticams website. (read more and take a look at pictures taken with the WWL-1 lens at Nauticams website) BREAKTHROUGH LENS DESIGN ZOOM TO FRAME STUNNING FIELD OF VIEW INCREDIBLE SHARPNESS & CONTRAST CLOSE FOCUS Current backscatter price is US$1680: Nauticam WWL-1 Wet Wide Lens 130°, $1,320 Nauticam Buoyancy Collar, $58 Nauticam Hard Cap, $92 N50 Short port with M67 thread, $210 Included in the package: Carrying Case Neoprene Cover Rear Lens Cap for WWL M67 Mounting Ring Bayonet Mounting Ring Buoyancy Collar Front hard cap N50 Short port with M67 thread I'm only asking for US$800 plus shipping. I live in Sweden and the shipping is around $50-60 to US.
  13. I've searched a bit more and came across a video from Tokina where they actually explained the difference between the old lens with hood and the new lens without. What Tokina has done to enable the lens for FF is just to remove the hood. Thats it. No other difference.
  14. Thanks Tim I just saw that the no hood lens is now also compatible with the FF. Does this mean that there are any changes for the cropped sensor because of this? https://tokinalens.com/catalog/lenses/?p%5B4%5D=AT-X%20AF&p%5B5%5D=Wide%20Zoom
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