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  1. We went out with Nimrod Explorer (Explorer Ventures) to Ribbons 10/9, Osprey Reef, and Ribbons 6/5. We saw the whales at both of the ribbon sites, as many as 12 the last day between 5 and 6! Great operation, loved every minute of it (that I wasn't sleeping)!
  2. Thanks! Yes, its very unfortunate on the very slight cropping of the tail tip. Its extremely difficult to get good shots hovering on a float line in the chop. For this shot, I actually dove down about 6-8', blew out my air to get pretty much neutral and aimed the camera at this guy. As I slowly floated up, I quickly took the shot... and the whale investigated me with its 'sound' (its not technically sonar). I felt my chest vibrating in a most unnatural way! But, its curiousity had it following me up in a head on position which was great. As for the blowing out of the brightness, its real. It was incredibly difficult taking images in 10' of water (you can see the particulate too!) of a subject which was a mixture of dark grey and white. I hated the fact that I can't afford to house my d70 and had to use the 5050. Exposure control was pitiful. There... done whining now. I did manage to get some nice shots, even if sections are a bit blown IMO. Thanks for the comments! Wade
  3. I have finally gotten around to uploading a couple of my images from a recent trip to Australia. Located here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?act=m..._album&album=85 We ran into Dwarf Minke Whales on 3 of 5 dive days! Comments welcome. Equipment: Oly5050z in Ikelite housing with (in some) ds50 full manual mode.
  4. Anyone know offhand how to quick-check your firmware version? I am pretty sure mine was updated when purchased back in March, but I want to be positive.
  5. wade

    PT-015 Housing

    You still selling this setup? Can you fill in more details as well... age of setup, approx number of uses, reason for selling, itemized list of whats included? I'm in qeue for a new pt-015 housing from B&H, but they have yet to recieve them. So, if you still have it, I'd be interested (depending on above). Thanks! Wade
  6. wade


    wesley- I'm headed to Belize with my new 5050 setup at the end of the month... we're basing out of San Pedro, but do you have suggestions for locations for 'good shots'? Macro or scenery or large pelagics... anywhere you thought was especially nice? We are scheduled to do Blue Hole and Lighthouse, but other than that, I have 3 open days. Thanks! Wade
  7. I only gave the forums a brief search, so maybe this is old hat, but... http://www.sealifecentre.com/article/artic...etail&art_id=16 Its using either locline or creating your own strobe arms and knees. I thought it was pretty cool. Wade
  8. I've altered my plans.... I'm looking for strobe(s) for the olmypus pt-015 housing (for the 5050z) now... I've opted to sell my cp950 and step up. Any suggestions? Anyone selling anything? This system works on a remote sensor... Wade
  9. Anyone like to share some thoughts on where the best dive locations in Belizian waters are? We're likely going to hit the Blue Hole and Lighthouse reef, and then some diving in/around Ambergris Caye as well. Anyone have specific places I should see? I'm taking my new Ikelite/coolpix setup as well so photo ops are always a bonus... Wade
  10. I have a newly aquired Ikelite coolpix950 housing but no lights as of yet... so I am looking for anything compatible that people have for sale... Current possibility is a ds50 setup with a sync cord (sensor will not work with the 950).... any other thoughts? Anyone selling anything that will work? Wade
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