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  1. Used early model NEXUS MP105 port for a Nikkor 105mm 2.8 D micro lens and the matching manual focus gear (early FG-NAFM105F28). The port body has scratches from normal use, but the threads, o-ring, and glass are all in good condition. The focus gear is in excellent condition and appears to have had almost no use. $200 for both the port and manual focus gear or BO (including shipping and handling)! The cost for a NEW Nexus MP105 port is $395 plus $118 for a NEW FG-NAFM105F28 focus gear. Total cost NEW is = $518 + shipping + tax! I already have a port for my 105mm lens and purchased this with some other NEXUS equipment. This is your chance at over a 60% discount compared to purchasing new! You can view detailed photos of both at: http://nexusports.blogspot.com/ Please feel free to email me at jasonspitz2005@yahoo.com for further information or to purchase. Thanks.
  2. I have a Nexus 105mm port and manual focusing ring for sale. If you purchase a Nexus D100 housing, sure we can work a deal. The D100 housings often sell on Ebay - a lot of people upgrading to D200. I have a D100 housing and love it. Got a second 105mm port with the purchase of another port I needed. Email me at jasonspitz2005@yahoo.com if interested. Full description is listed in a post somewhere below yours
  3. I have a used port for a Nikkor 105mm 2.8 D micro lens and the manual focus gear for sale. Please see detailed pictures of these items at: http://nexusports.blogspot.com/ The port body has scratches from normal use, but the threads, o-ring, and lens are in very good condition. The focus gear is in excellent condition. The cost new for a Nexus MP105 port is $395 plus $118 for the focus gear. Total = $518 plus shipping & tax! The Nexus port with the focus control on the port sells for $660 plus the cost of focus gears. The port for sale is like first port and uses the focus knob on the housing. Will sell for $250 (including shipping/handling and insurance) anywhere in the US. Or make me an offer! Please email me at jasonspitz2005@yahoo.com if interested.
  4. Thanks for all the help and info! Looking forward to trying out RAW.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I've never worked with RAW files. Will I be able to import them directly into Corel Paint Shop Pro X? I know the program handles RAW, but if I understand right, every manufacturers raw files are a bit different. How much do I lose if I use JPG?? I don't even know where to start with processing RAW and then how do I convert to a final file?
  6. I just upgraded from using a P&S and purchased a used Nikon D100 with Nexus housing. I'll be shooting with a Nikkor 105mm micro (macro) lens and the Nexus 105 port with manual control. I have a single Sea & Sea YS-110 strobe. Looking for recommendations on where to start with some of the following settings: - How should I set the white balance (manual with white card or auto)? - Recommended aperture and shutter speed? - Sea and Sea strobe will be used in manual mode - where should I start? Any other thoughts/recommendations to make my first experiences with this setup would be appreciated. I'll be going to Roatan for a week in late January. Thanks!
  7. I am looking to move from a simple P&S camera setup with no manual control to something with more flexibility on a somewhat limited budget. I would consider myself an advanced amateur photographer, but only get to dive 1-2 weeks a year (usually about 25 dives per week - going to Honduras in January). I have a Sea&Sea YS-110 strobe, Fisheye LED 48DX video/focus light , and Epoque dual tray w/30cm flex arms that I will use with whatever setup I choose: I'm looking at two very different setups - 1) Canon A640 with Ikelite housing + Inon Wide Angle + Inon Close-up + dual lens caddy (All NEW - Total cost approx $1000-1100) 2) Nikon D100 w/105mm macro lens with Nexus D100 housing and macro port (All USED - cost $1500) I'm posting this here as I would like to hear thoughts from those of you who already have made the move to DSLR. P&S have come a long way in the last year. #1 would give me more flexibility than #2, but not a DSLR... What would you do and why? Any other thoughts of different things you might do for <$1500. Thanks for your help - very confusing to make these types of decisions.
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