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  1. I have got the email from a company named QYSEA, and promoted a ROV product named FIFISH P3. Here is the link (https://www.qysea.com/Product/FIFISHP3/index.html). I really like this product's idea, but is it a good tool for underwater photography, and is it worth to buy one as a beginner? Did anyone have tested it before, or have any comments, thoughts about it? Here is the advantages and disadvantages chart table of my thought, this is not just for FIFISH but for all other brands, too. ROV V.S. DSLR+Housing Advantages: 1. Capable to dive 100 meter without technical diving certifications (is there anything new or special below 40 meters?) 2. All in one solution, FIFISH P3 has 1 inch sensor, other brands have 1/1.8 inch or 1/2.3 inch sensor (how will it be compare with full frame or shall I compare with mirroless?) plus total 4,000 lm LED Flash (5500K) FYI, FIFISH's MSRP on B&H is $3,499, the ROV price range from $1,000 to $6,000. Disadvantages: 1. Cannot film in the sideways (I am a beiginner, I am not sure is it very important to film on the side of object?) 2. It has the tenther, so it could have chance to be entangled. I am looking forward hear some suggestion and comments about the ROV for decision making. Sincerely, Ziyong_CHEN
  2. I am the beginner, too. I wonder how could you adjust the foucsing distance when the camera is the housing?
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