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  1. hi, does anyone have any info on materials such as PLA suitability in seawater ? Will it degrade/deform when used for a period of time ?
  2. I know the +2 is for easier focusing on the virtual image when using the dome. Extensions will be the same if the lenses are the same length at max zoom out.
  3. from my latest print, the no of teeth should be 92, with a module of 1mm. Pretty easy to get this gear off solidworks standard library.
  4. just had it printed out ... module of 1mm works fine with the gear. however, the no of teeth shouldn't be 88. it shld be more and I am working out the number. Based on 88, the gears do not engage each other.
  5. just to check. The diametral pitch is 24, so the metric module if calculated wont be a standard module. Do you size up or down to the nearest standard module ?
  6. hi, does anyone know the gear pitch for the aquatica housing, specifically the one for D7000 ?? I am looking for the zoom gear #48717. Looking to use it for some other DIY projects. Thxs ...
  7. I think you can set the popup flash in the menu to be in manual mode, and use 1/128 as a start for flash.
  8. hi, does anyone has any idea how to clear a fogged viewfinder on housing ? I am using an Aquatica housing for D7000. Thxs.
  9. Yup, I know they haven't start shipping. Just thought that someone at wetpixel might gotten their hands on a demo version and write a review. From what I see, the biggest advantage is the versatility with the red and UV head. Plus the size is almost similar to a SOLA800.
  10. Anyone tried the Gobe lights from L&M b4 ? Cant seems to find any reviews off wetpixel
  11. bighead

    WTB: YS 250

    Hi everyone, I am looking for used YS250. 2 units. Pls PM me the condition, any extras and price if you have it for sale. Thxs.
  12. I think the d600 is similar to d7000. FOr me, I set pop up flash to manual (1/128(. Strobes in manual/full wth ACC depressed. This is fr fiber optics. Works well.
  13. Hi Simon, what is the cost for the viewfinder alone ??
  14. Thxs Alex ... Just had a read and it was informative. Is there a difference between the image overlay function and multiple exposure shot in Nikon ? Hi Mark, Yes it can be achieved in post production, but having it on a single raw is a challenge.
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