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  1. Any tips on where to get them used? Housing Nauticam or Sea&Sea?
  2. Thank you TimG! What do you think about Canon 77D and 80D. The 77D doesn't have any particular good housing, but for the 80D there is both Nauticam and Sea&Sea. Maybe pair with with tow Sea&Sea YS-D2 or two Ikelite DS16?
  3. 1. ideally below 5k everything included: camera, housing, strobs, lens... 2. rather easy to carry / dive with 3. both - wide angle more important 4. don't know - what's the difference? I'd appreciate some recommendations
  4. It's quite a few years that I take u/w pictures with an old, compact Canon G12 and I'd like to move up a bit to a more powerful setup. I need to get everything: camera, lens, housing + ports, strobes, anything else? What setup would you recommend to move from compact to dSLR?
  5. Hi there, Sandro here from Zurich. I'm looking forward to up my game in u/w photography and this forum looks like a good place to start.
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