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  1. Sorry post revised having read guidelines. Photos are not single but in e book sorry. If ayone can tell me how to delete the post/topic I will
  2. Thanks for the recommendation. Blurb it is. Plus you can turn it into an e-book as well
  3. Excellent thanks for the information - different to what we were told but that seems to be par for the course. Although I very much doubt that they can tell the difference between a Lion and NiMh battery by scanning I will pay for the extra baggage allowance and follow your guidance. TC
  4. The rules according to Thompson who we flew with (confirmed post confiscation) is batteries suitably separated to be in carry on. Two sets allowed (so you can use one and charge one). It seems that they just make it up at the egypt end and have what they want. Next time I will put it all on the hold baggage as I have never had hold baggage held back. Evidently, speaking to the airline, you can get photographic stuff checked in advance - presumably for a fee. I might investigate that as well next time. This link might take you to the photos I have chosen to print in my first attempt at a Blurb book https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0qqygx85np61du/RedSea2019-1.pdf?dl=0 TC
  5. I am goint to put a print book together from my first trip does anyone have any recommendations for a decent service for delivery to the UK?
  6. Oh and on the way back had my finger reel and battery sets confiscated at Hurghada ! TC
  7. For working on the images on board I have brought the ipad pro and lightroom mobile, which works well , in my very amateur opinion. I have a wireless drive to backup the files on to (Gnarbox) and upload them via the gnarbox wi fi to the tablet. All with the aim of doing it properly when we get back. Vis has been pretty poor so many of the longer shots of the wreks work out best in b/w to cut through the haze. Mainly I have been using the Oly 8mm fisheye with the Inon port or the 8-16 with a zen port. TC
  8. We are just back in Hurgarda after a week on the Blue Melody for my first sea dives. (Up to now I have been in the cold of NDAC !) so I have started to go through my shots and I am pleased with how they seem to be coming out. After taking a course with Adam I went on to get a housing for my Olympus EM5II and some second hand strobes. The only excitement was me being a whatsit and not clipping the rig on for a dive at the Brothers and of course of it went. Only to be saved with seconds to spare by our intrepid guide. I have nigtmares now recalling is slowly sinking. ( after that I upped bouyancy slightly and used bolt snaps to weigh it down at the start of a dive and remove them as we go deeper) Anyway here is one shot whilst the boat wi fi is still working. More thoughts when I get back TC
  9. Just tested some at 96% on Cura slicer and they fit very nicely. Wolfie - if you are watching the Glow in the Dark has arrived so if you pm me your address I will pop some in the post Trevor
  10. A big thumbs up for DiverVision from me. Arrived in less than a week. No customs hassle. Big savings over anywhere else for some Inon floats and a Dome TC
  11. Here you go https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3317377 you might need to play with the scale to get the fit that you want. mine seems to work at 98% you can vary that in the slicer that you use. I don't think it is all that easy , if indeed, possible, to modify an stl file. Let me know how you get on Trevor
  12. Its the way of te world, like busses....i have just brought a new one having looked for 6 weeks for a second hand one. Anyway I recall there was someone else looking for one so I dont think you will have trouble selling it. And thanks for thinking of me Trevor
  13. Me as well. In fact any em5 ii housing would do.
  14. i am not sure if you can resize the STL file before slicing but if you can it might allow you to fine tune the fit. Sorry - this has turned slightly into a 3D printing thread !
  15. Hi Wolfgang i have some of the yellow ones i can send you and when I get some glow in the dark fillament i will print some more. PM me your address (i don't think I have it from last time) and I will pop some in the mail I have had to use some blutac to hold them on but they seem ok .....on land! I shall test them next weekend Happy New Year ! Trevor
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