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  1. I currently have a canon 7d mk2 in a ikelite housing and looking to downsize to a smaller system (4 thirds system?)due to weight concerns on flights when diving overseas ,I mainly prefer macro and am looking at a system that has a optical viewfinder that I can attach my nauticam 45 degree as I prefer to use my eye for getting focus on the subject is there any smaller systems out there that would fit my requirements any info most appreciated
  2. the ikelite viewfinder is a Inon ,i have used both Inon and nauticam and prefer the nauticam (larger view with diopter adjustment) over the inon and when you look at the cost of the ikelite viewfinder and adaptor vs the nauticam with adaptor there is not that much difference in price, i looked at it like an investment as i can transfer it to other housings in the future,plus in the future if you decide to sell it you will still get a good price and they get snapped up quick.
  3. I Am off to bangka island in May diving with mimpi dive resort and am looking for info on anyone that has been there Eg:-what the resort is like the dive guides and the macro diving like around the area and the best dive sites around the island,from the info i have so far it looks good,any info would be most appreciated steve
  4. looking for a macro subjects identification online book or app as i am going to the lembeh in May and would like to brush up on my macro subject ID and would like it on my laptop or mobile (don"t want to lug heavy books around for obvious reasons, any help would be appreciated :-)
  5. thanks for the info blibecap,I would love to get the nauticam but don"t know if i can justify the cost $1500-$1600 with ikelite adaptor in australia,the inon is halve the price in comparison will have to think it over ,have been looking at the classifieds for the nauticam but they get snapped up fast(when a reasonably price that is) you are right about the eyes getting older thru:-( steve:-)
  6. Can give you an idea of what the camera is like above water, the auto focus is very fast and tracks the subject brilliantly in servo mode as well, the low light performance is great ,the ISO performance leaves the 7D for dead, useable pics up to 3200 and even 6400 in a pinch which is a major plus but will see how good it is when I get it underwater
  7. i have just gone from the 7D to to 7Dmk2 and waiting for an ikelite housing to arrive the control button layout is nearly the same as the 7D the camera is slightly larger and the buttons allocated different functions,looking forward to getting it in the water (inside the housing that is )
  8. I am staying at bangka island about an hour by boat north of lembeh there is surpose to be a lot of macro diving at bangka and I will be doing a couple of day trips to lembeh as well, looking forward to it.
  9. Am looking to find info on how the inon viewfinder compares to the other high end viewfinders out there e.g.:- nauticam and aqua view and more in respect to image magnification and sharpness? I prefer comments from people who have tried inon and one or more of the other viewfinders as well so i can get a fair comparison does the inon straight and 45 viewfinder have the same magnification or slightly different and also is the inons a big impovement on the standard ikelite viewfinder? any info would be most appreciated
  10. atom I am also looking at getting either the inon straight or 45 degree viewfinder did you find that the 45 degree was hard to get use to and also how did you find the 45 blocking the lcd screen and being able to see your settings e.g.:-shutter speed aperture and so on?
  11. would be interested in the 45 degree viewfinder would you sell it separately and for how much?
  12. the sentinel v3 system http://www.vividhousings.com/leak-sentinel.php can fit on ikelite housings, you can install it where the lens removal control is on ikelite housings,i ordered mine last night,i might add that i have had 3 ikelite housings 2 were dslr housings and have been very satisfied with them so far.
  13. have decided to buy the service kite and do it myself (serviced the odd sticky button in the pass with no issues(the c- clips can be a pain to remove thru) got a price for a new viewfinder and by the time i pay for freight from australia to ikelite and get it repaired,not to mention the minimum 4 weeks without the housing, i would be better off getting a new one,i am looking at getting the canon 7d mark2 and matching housing when it is released later this year{hopefully} so will be selling the housing and camera so do not want to go overboard getting it serviced by ikelite as it is in pretty good nick ounce i get the new viewfinder anyways.
  14. looking at just sending viewfinder off to ikelite to fix fog problem ,how hard is it to remove and reinsert viewfinder,do they seize up over time ,as i have had the housing for nearly 4 years now?
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