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  1. Has anyone tried combining a Kraken 2500 or 2500 video light with strobe capability with a traditional strobe? Wondering if its possible to achieve the (near) equivalent of two strobes this way while having the possibility to do photo and video...
  2. Awesome response. Thanks. Im going to look into those lights. Which macro & wide lenses are you using?
  3. Hi all, Im new to WetPixel, looking for advice on a compact (and reasonably affordable) kit for a month in Indonesia this February, with a week liveaboard in Raja Ampat. At this point Im strongly leaning towards the Panasonic Lumix LX10, but also still considering a used LX100 or an Olympus TG-5. Also open to other suggestions. I own a housing for Canon S120 but the camera died, so replacing that is also an option. Im looking to primarily shoot still photos, with occasional video, general purpose, with advanced features. My skill level: long time advanced photographer, currently shoot mostly Pansonic Micro Four Thirds (no, Im not going that costly and bulky route,) a Pansonic ZS100 travel zoom (very, very similar to the LX10,) and an iphone 10. Most of my dive experience has been with canon a S95/120, and Ive mostly shot natural light/never had strobes. Budget and weight/size of kit matter (I like to travel light) so I know I want to stick with a compact kit. Questions: 1) What cameras do you recommend and why? 2) How do you like the LX10? 3) Anyone shot both the LX10 and LX100, and if so, which do you prefer and why? 4) Is it worth the extra $ for Nauticam (vs Ikelite) and why? 5) Strobe suggestions? 6) Strobe/video combo lights: how to get both options economically and without getting crazy heavy (is that a thing?) 7) Any other important gear (besides camera, arm, strobe, housing) that I must have (wont be able to buy any missing pieces overseas.)
  4. Hi, Im Dawn from Seattle, WA, USA. Getting ready to spend a month in Indonesia in February with a week liveaboard in Raja Ampat! Madly researching an upgrade from my trusty Canon S120 (RIP.)
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