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  1. This is the best article I've found: https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/GoPro-HERO-9-Best-Underwater-Photography-Settings
  2. We're going to Hawai'i this winter and I just got a Hero 10. We'll do a bit of snorkeling including one night with manta rays. I have some experience with UW photo, but none with GoPro... Questions to you all: - Do I need a housing for snorkeling? I expect to go no lower than 30 ft / 10m (max!) - Do I need a filter, or set of filters? If yes to any of the above, do people have strong recommendations for a housing or filters? My default would be to just get the GoPro accessories... Thank you!
  3. Hi, This is a pic of one of the wrecks of the Daedalus reef in the Red Sea. I'd love to get some pointers on how to improve it. One of the problem I have is that I introduced noise in the water when I used the channel mixer to add back some reds. The picture was taken with the Sony RX100ii in a Nauticam housing. My best effort: Original JPG straight from the camera: And a link to the RAW file here: http://jdelage.public.s3.amazonaws.com/Sharing/DSC00324.dng Thank you, Joss
  4. All, I have some UW pictures where I would like to convert some of the blue pixels into red. At this point, there's very little info on the red channel. On a JPG, I would do that in PS Channel Mixer. How would I go about it in Camera Raw? Thanks, Joss
  5. I was on the Red Sea Aggressor trip in April 12-19 (it was not actually on the Aggressor boat, but never mind that). It was my first foray into UW photography. I was using a Sony RX100ii in a Nauticam housing, and most pics were taken with two Inon Z-240. Every pic was taken with the Inon WA wet lens + dome. I'll add to this as I process more pics. Feel free to comment / criticize. Soft corals: Anthias everywhere.... Hard corals too Overhang & structures Numidia or Adia wreck, not sure...
  6. I eventually decided to not attach the unit unti I was at location. The reason why is that I had the housing in my carry on and the Leak Sentinel protrudes awkwardly from the housing on the NA-RX100ii. More to the point, I didn't have room for the pump in my carry on anyway.
  7. So I am just back from my trip, and what I ended up doing is to keep the clamps semi-loose. Out of the water I would fold the arms above the housing, which would make the rig more compact in the zodiac.
  8. I'm still curious as to whether people travel with the unit attached or set it up when they arrive on location.
  9. All, I just bought one of those (Leak Sentinel V3). It came today, unfortunately without a user's manual. I have sent Miso an email. In the meantime, I have a couple questions: 1) How do you place the battery? On post #12, PeteAtkinson shows a picture on which the battery sits below the circuit board? If that's the case, how do you remove the board? 2) Is there a way to turn the unit on/off, or do you do that by removing the battery? 3) Do you travel with the unit on the housing? Thanks, Joss EDIT: Miso had emailed me the user's manual in a separate email before the unit arrived. It's my mistake I missed it.
  10. All, I have a NA-RX100II housing on a flexitray II + handle and one Inon Z-240 strobe on each handle at the end of (5"+8+) arm assembly. Today I took my rig in the pool to familiarize myself with it. My take away: it's harder than it looks. One thing that got me puzzled was how much I should tighten the clamps. I found that if I tighten the clamps hard enough for the rig to be semi-rigid out of the water, the arms would be obviously impossible to reposition UW without first loosening the clamps. No big deal, except that fine tuning the clamps underwater might not be the righ thing to do. So what do experienced photographers do with their clamps? What's your "clamp workflow" for in-boat->diving->back-in-boat? Thanks, Joss
  11. All, I have a NA-RX100II housing on a flexitray II + handle and one Inon Z-240 strobe on each handle at the end of (5"+8+) arm assembly. Today I took my rig in the pool to familiarize myself with it, and found that the right handle was getting loose over time. Has anyone else experienced this? It's possible I didn't tighten the screws enough. On the other hand, I need the handle as far away from the housing as possible to manipulate the buttons, and the handle is just held by those two small screws, so I'm worried. Thanks, JD
  12. Those aerial pics are really gorgeous. What kind of camery is crried by the quad?
  13. What do people think of the newly announced A6000?
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