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  1. It can't be JA's fault because his feeding antics are not unnatural and the sharks appreciate he knows a lot of internet links. Guess the fishing ban didn't work eh? Enough hooks in those GH's to start a flamin sport fishin op. Regarding the science lot maybe they should reveal where all the money goes they screw outa the world bank and what it has accomplished. Why do we need to now where they go, maybe safer if we don't. Out here the only acheiver is doing it for free
  2. Can anyone take part? I fear for the long time effect this takes on the poor shark. If some crazy scientist says its ok then the world is put to right; I reckon he gets a cut of the takings. I think you might find that it has more to do with the thousands of dollars a day going through companies turning sharks and other marine creatures into circus animals. This is not natural. It might save a few sharks cos the fishermen get a cut also, but long term they will still go... All this talk about global - I presume this is USA like Mr Universe - Any other place has had it condemned and stopped. And yes people have died feeding sharks, a good friend here in Durban three years ago, and various places in the IO islands. Throughout the 90's some german idiot fed silvertips and grey sharks in the Red Sea until he was prosicuted when people were getting bit. The gentleman above who said he does not feed sharks. Strange I have seen hundreds of pictures on various websites of you doing just that, it even has your name by the pictures. Whatever way you are doing it mate you are causing un natural behaviours in the animals. You are preying on the fact that people want to get close to sharks and I think you are loving the money more than you are the animals that feed you. Just my couple.
  3. Would that be the bushy tailed one eyed moray?
  4. We use drysuits 100% of the time here, and I feel I have to back up the gentleman who stated that the extraction of divers who have suffered a trilaminate flood, by themselves or others IS very difficult. I can remenber 1 instance it took 3 of us to effect such a job. Due to the very nature of the 'Bag' being loose fitting it allows an enormous amount of water to enter the suit and more importantly the thicker wooly undersuit absorbs around 500-1000% of its dryweight of water. Making you one heavy SOB, even after the weightbelt is released, as there is no buoyancy left. A standard BCD will not cope either especially at the surface. I personally would not be seen dead in a standard trilaminate bag - Or maybe I would. The new balistic materials now being used help prevent tares but still I'll stick with my compressed neo'
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