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  1. I am just wondering what INON has done in order to be able to handle the roughly 50% higher Output Level. The used to have an internal heat issue. That was eased when the Eneloops came, due to lower internal resistance. This extra Heat must dissipate somewhere. An Aluminium Housing has a clear adavantage here. They must have reduced the resistive losses by approx. a 1/3 in oder to compensate for the Higher Output /Erik Ps! Engineering thinking over a Cup of Coffee!.
  2. Fully agreeing. I for sure do not like the subscription. The worrying issue is what will happen with the Classic Version. Will it disappear in a few years?
  3. I recived mine last friday. Unfortunately no time to test them in Water. However, they look very solid and sturdy. /Erik
  4. Judging the Beam comparison at Retra's site they look good. The Picture from Alex Looks really interesting ( , but they always do). I am looking Forward to test them in a few weeks. Contemplating the extra Battery Compartements as well. Just hoping that the Quality will be as high as they are aiming for. /Erik .
  5. Hi, I have been intrigued in going there for a lomh time, but living in Munich it includes a flight and a rental car getting there. So, the hurdle is there... When is the "supposed" best time of the year to go there? /Erik
  6. Hi all, I assume that the different Solutions are based on different regulations in different parts of the world. Some Solutions would not work here in Europe, due to limitations on check-in etc etc. Rig sizes changes your possibilities drastically. My wife has a M4/3 System and she packs everything ( except arms and handles) in a reasonably sized Camera Backpack. I need to pay much more attention to my Fullframe rig. My solution: Camera and a Lense in the Housing + Flatport, wrapped in Neoprene and carried in the Lanyard Domeport and Lenses in a Backpack => Looks reasonably sized, but is heavy. The rest is checked-in. It is very uncomfy at the Airport, but I have never been checked. I have seen a lot of People with rollers being checked. /Erik
  7. If you want to see the Mola Molas. Then check carefully for the Timing. From my understanding. It is around September. Atleast, we had them then. I believe that May is a window in Komodo with calm seas and less Boats. I hve been there in that timeframe and it was nice, but not so many Mantas. We enjoyed Arenui in Komodo. /Erik
  8. Hi, I have the NA-D800. The Wideangle part with the 230 Dome is quite ok. It twists a wee nit upwards. It was never bothering me. I assume that the only remedy would be to add some weight to the bottom Sunshade. The Macroport is another isue. Your Setup gets clearly negative, since you remove a lot of air ( big dome). I solved by threading some stix floats ( as you have for your strobe arms) on the Lanyard. I was a bit worried that it would get wobbly when taking Portrait, but is ok. If I end up doing lots of Portraits. Then I sometimes reattach the "lower" Lanyard part to the upper. /Erik
  9. Adam: please write a Review of your findings on the internal correction Lense from Sea&Sea. That would interest me a lot. /Erik
  10. Hi, They are relatively strict on checked luggage. I assume that they use it as a 2nd income. If I remember it correct it is usually only 15kg free. I think that each excess kg is approx. 2$. /Erik
  11. I am using a old Regulator bag as a Domeport bag/protector. I found one that is fitting the 230mm pretty good. There is a perfect pouch on the upper side. There I fitted a sheet of flat Plastic. On the sides I can fit a couple of Swimming trunks or similar. My original thought was bubble wrap on the sides, but .... /Erik
  12. I have the same domeport and a D800 Setup. I know the Feeling. My solution is to put the Camera into the Housing ( incl macro port and lense). Then I wrap wrap some Neoprene around it and carry it in the Lanyard. The Domeport and lenses goes into a backpack ( looking small actually). The rest gets checked, incl Strobes.
  13. Hi, I am a bit curious on how you would rate the Olympus Fisheye in comparison to the Panasonic? /Erik
  14. I have used my INON 45 degrees for approx 8 years or so and I love it. In my opinion it has a downside in Split shots. Apart from Splits it is the better choice in my opinion. For Splits you need to twist it 90 degrees in order to avoid water in the Cup. It is a bit awkward, but no big issue. /Erik
  15. 16-35mm & 15mm gets my vote as well. The 16-35mm needs a really big Domeport!
  16. Hi, It definately looks like a leak. If the seal is ok. Then it holds for days on my Nauticam Housing. I just pump it down until it goes green. /Erik
  17. @Klik Remove the O-ring that keep the original "plastic LED holder/lense" (whatever it should be called). You do not need to remove more than that. You have a new one in your package. Use the new one it is easier. I believe that they have used a small drop of glue originally to hold the LED in place. I think that I was cutting the old wires , due to that. /Erik
  18. Hi, If I would try to bring a Pelican on-board here in Europe the would just start laughing at me :-) I check in my Strobes. I use a plastic "Lunch-box" for it. The Camera and a Lense are fitted into the UW-housing and I carry it separetely. I use a Duffel Backpack for the Lenses and the big Domeport. The lenses are protected by padded Lense bags. The Domeport is protected by a Regulator back and some pastic on Sun-shade side. I am of the opinion that you should avoid a roller-bags. They are more visible than Backpacks and looks heavier. People with Rollerbags seems to be stopped a lot more often than not! Well, this System works fine for me for some years now. /Erik
  19. The ports should nicely be held in place, due to underpressure.
  20. Hi, I am fascinated reading the Posts here and the different user experiences. My feeling about my INONs are that they are as sturdy as they come. I never had an issue with them. /Erik Ps! I will probably get issues with them now, after writing this comment.
  21. Hi, No way that the electronics are "worn out" after such a short time. If you are nicely using Eneloops ( due to overheating) you should be just fine. I use 2*INON Z240s, since 2006. They are still working nicely. My bet would be on the Fiber Optics. They could be broken somewhere and are sometimes giving good light Transmission. This would then lead to intermittent behaviour. I always carry 1-2 spare cables. They weigh close to nothing and as and are cheap. /Erik
  22. That is good news that an upgrade kit most likely would be possible.
  23. It actually Looks like there could be a chances of it to work. Live view and the on/off seems to be the most endangered...
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