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  1. Well, sometimes we just need some new toys regardless if we need them or not! I can not really say anything, since I fell for the "I want" and bought a d800 earlier this year. I was on the other hand updating from a d80. So, I can clearly do more now that I could with my old System. Kust being a bit boring, but be aware that moving to a FX System brings with it a whole chain of costs: New lenses, new Laptop, new Desktop etc etc /Erik
  2. 1: Decide what you want to do -- here you can be honest ( I want vs. I Need vs. I pay) -- I assume that the "I want" wins here :-) 2: Build a "waterproof" Business case that supports your decision -- Telling "the whole truth and nothing but the truth" is not necessarily a good idea -- Anticipating the main Shareholder's complaints and views are of utmost Importance ... 3: Convince the main Shareholder ( Mrs. Stoo) -- Everything is allowed here It sounds easy doesn't it :-) /Erik
  3. Hi, I use the Auto Focus "once" method on my d800. It has a proper naming, but I can't remember. By Setting it up properly I use the AF_ON button. I Focus to the desired distance with the Thumb on the AF-ON. Then I let go of the Button. That means that the Focus is locked, until I push the AF on button again. I can then snap away using the Focus. /Erik
  4. Thanks, but I know where it can be done. I am just not sure how much the KED helps. Snooting with an Offset Pilot light is surely not optimal. However, the LED should bring out a lot of more power. So, it should atleast be better... If I have understood it correctly. This rework/upgrade is not really a sanctioned by INON. Is there a technical background for it? /Erik
  5. Ouch, that must have hurting.... I am impressed that they managed to have a laugh about it /Erik
  6. Hi, I playing with the Idea of upgrading one of my INON Z240 with light bulb Pilot Lights to LED. The reason for it would be to get a bit of light out for some Snooting photography. There should be more light coming from the Pilot that way. ( I am considereing the Retra Version for INON as a Snoot.) What is the experience of doing this upgrade out there? Does it help? Do I risk the Strobe? /Erik
  7. If I do not use the Housing for a longer time, then yes.
  8. I have used the System this summer. My general was to vacuum it in the evening before. Then I simply let it blink the night through and between dives ( if I did not have to open the Housing). The Cell is still going strong. So, it does not really seem to be an issue. However, I always bring some extra Cells. /Erik
  9. If I would have started out all over again. Then I would have started with 1 Strobe. When I had command of it. Then I would have bought the 2nd Strobe. I believe that my Pictures would have gotten better faster that way. For some reasons: 1) It is a lot easier to control 1 Strobe, especially strobe angles. 2) You get a faster feeling for how shadows improves a picture 3) You get to buy a new toy a bit later and not all at once :-) /Erik
  10. Well, after getting a D800 Setup. I decided to get all of it, in order to sleep well. I have a vacuum Setup and a flood insurance ( it includes theft as well). With my old D80 Setup. I did not have any of it. Atleast for me it is down to how much the System is worth... /Erik
  11. Falling asleep in the Hammock between dives. This resulted in me getting stressed and still more or less asleep when changing lense&port. I missed to close one of the latches on the Housing... Resulting in a flood ... Thinking: How could I be so xxx stupid.... Yes John this would not happen with a pressure leak test. I already have one :-) /Erik
  12. Which program are you using? Suggestion is Lightroom. It is powerful and you can happily work offline with it.
  13. Latest after 2 years I change the easy accessible O-rings. O-rings are cheap, so better safe than sorry :-) If feel that they have lost their softness, then I Change them Prior to that. I am a lot less stringent about the Housing servicing. I sort of Service it every 2-3 years or so. /Erik
  14. There is an idea that you should start out with 1 Strobe and learn it, before you step up to 2 Strobes. I think that M.Edge wrote it in his excellent book. A lot of extremly good UW-photographers are using 1 Strobe only. It is quicker to aim 1 strobe correctly. I personally started out with 2 Strobes and used them both all the time. Nowadays, I quite often find my right strobe switched off. If I would have started over again. I would probably have started with 1 strobe and learn it properly, before moving over to 2 strobes. /Erik
  15. I ended up going for the Zen 230 and I do not regret it. The Corners are great, even with the 16-35mm without Diopters. The downside is cost ( only hurts once ) and size ( for travelling).
  16. I assume that the only Thing that you can do wrong is to thighten them too hard. /Erik
  17. Hi, There is a difference between the type 4 and type1-3 Strobes. The Type 4 connector is shallower compared to the previous. It depends on how your cable is done! /Erik
  18. It is a nice article on workflow. Pretty much standard I assume, except the backup program.
  19. It is generally better with a bigger Domeport. The edges get sharper that way.It depends on which lense that you will put in fron of it as well. For CFWA ( Closed Focus WA) then a smaller Domeport is better, as an exce├╝tion bigger is better :-) You will clearly need a dedicated macro port as well. A flatport for a 60mm is reasoably priced. /Erik
  20. Thanks for the Infos. It clearly seems that it will not really work with the Pilot ( aiming) light without the LED upgrade. /Erik
  21. Sounds a bit like I assumed. The older Lightbulbs ( Type 2) are unfortunately not as strong as the LED Version. Just a question. Do you have the INON "Adapter" for the Retra LSD Pro? If so, did it help? The one that is somehow at an angle.
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