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  1. Keep it going. You are off to a good start!
  2. Has anyone experience with the Retra LSD Prime and the older Version of the INON Z240 ( lightbulb Pilot light). My Z240 have are the lightbulb version and not the LED. I am wondering if the Pilot light will be strong enough. /ERik
  3. Hi, eventhough that I have the d800. I believe that the d7100 is a brilliant Camera for UW. Especially, given the Lenses that you have. I would clearly go for the d7100 + an Alu Housing => you will get a very good System that way. 60mm is the go to lense for DX macro. 105mm is the go to lense for FX macro ( and super macro). If you move to FX, then you can pretty much Forget your Tokina. FX Fisheye: Sigma 15mm or Nikon 16mm FX WA: Nikon 16-35mm ( I have tried the 17-35mm for UW, but I did not like it). => You would need a bunch of new lenses You also get away with a smaller Domeport in DX! /Erik
  4. I would go for the D7100 with those lenses. If you get yourself a D600, then you Need to buv new lenses as well.
  5. Haswell is a major step in Processors regarding battery consumption. Operative System does not really matter for Battery Consumption. Therefore, the Ultrabooks will take a good leap as well.
  6. 10-years from now, no one of us knows about the Status of Cameras... and it is useless to speculate about it! Enjoy your mirrorless, it is not a bad choice! I do prefer dSLRs, due to Performance in still Pictures.
  7. I agree! Just be aware of the weight Problem when travelling! With all the Photo gear that we are tugging along. A big and heavy Laptop can create Trouble. I personally like the ASUS Ultrabooks. The Haswell processors are a wee bit faster, but very good on battery. Make sure you get one in your Laptop. /Erik
  8. It depends on which Camera you have. More Pixels causes a longer Rendering time. Creating a wish for a faster Computer :-) Personally, I prefer a small&light Ultrabook for travel and a fast Desktop with a good 24" Monitor for the "real" editing.
  9. Lightroom is extremly Processor driven. SSD, GPU etc doesn't really matter for Lightroom ( except some filters in Photoshop that use the GPU). You will never put a powerful Processor in a Laptop. They simply chew away too much battery. An i7 in a Laptop or MacBook ( same Processors) is not the same as an i7 in a Desktop ( just the name). Compare an Ultrabook ( or MacBook) to a good Desktop, especially in Rendering time of the D800 RAW photos....
  10. Are you sure that you want a Laptop for editing photos? I personally find it better to have a good Desktop and a good Monitor at home and a small Laptop for travelling. The Desktops will generally be a lot faster. /Erik
  11. Hi, I am also using a couple of INON Z240's together with my D800 ( and previously with a D80). I find them strong enough, due to the improved Noise Performance of the Cameras. The size is an Advantage when traveling. The warming Diffusors are a really nice Addition for WA. /Erik
  12. Interesting Topic, but I can not give a clear answer. In a perfect world, I would like to rinse it after each dive. In order to solve/rinse the salt from the O-rings and push the Buttons at the same time. I do not put it into a Rinse Tank if other Cameras are in there. I also stay at the Rinse tank and remove my Housing if someone wants to put their Housing in it. This sometimes leads to a quick dunk or having a coffee until I do my rinsing. I always rinse the Housing with the Camera in it. The dive places have different rinsing capabilities. So, I always have to adjust somewhat. Coolers filled with fresh water can be useful. Well, that is basically my way. /Erik
  13. I would not be too worried as long as you stay on the coast/Island of Sulawesi. If you would go for a longer treck in the Jungle I would consider to take Malarone. You can also bring some Malarone as a backup in case you think that you got Malaria. The daily dose is then higher, compared to if taken as a precaution. /Erik
  14. Hi, I would go for the Tokina 10-17mm for DX UW. You might get it cheap used, as well. I own the 15mm and use it for FX UW, but I would not use it for DX. /Erik
  15. On the Nikon side the 16-35mm works nicely with the 70mm. How that correlates to the Canon side is another Beer.
  16. I do not really agree. It depends on what you are trying to take a Picture of. I personally find the 60mm quite a strong lense, but how do you define strong or weak? For super macro the 60mm is certainly weak! For Octopus, Frogfishes etc etc then the 105mm is weak and the 60mm is strong! So, how do you define weak/strong? I belivee that the strenght of a DSLR is the Quality of the lenses and at the same time it's weakness ( especially UW).
  17. Agreed that the the mainstay macro on my D800 Setup is the 105mm ( and especially for land photography). What I wanted to define is that the 60 mm on a D800 gives you a certain amount of freedom with the 36Mpixels. I personally enjoy the 60mm on FX it quite a bit ( and if needed I Switch over to DX). My main for macro is however the 60mm In my opinon the 60 and the 105mm complement each other UW for FX. For land Photography, it is 100% the 105mm.
  18. I agree! The after sales Service is very good! No questions about it.
  19. I can not really believe that 200° matters UW. Do you have Lightroom? Develop one Photo with 5400K and one with 5600K and then one with 5500K. Check if you see some difference between them. /Erik
  20. Hi, Above water there is no discussion => 105mm This is probably your knockout criteria. Under water is slightly open for discussion. FX => 105mm Super macro => 105mm DX => 60mm D800 versatile => 60mm and then switching between DX & FX in Camera. I use this when I go for a bit bigger animals (like Octopussesm Frogfishes etc etc), but still want to be able to shoot Nudis etc. /Erik
  21. I tried the latest Version over the last few days. It worked just fine. I did mulitple dives downto 35-40m. I find it a nice Piece of Equipment. /Erik
  22. Hard to say! Do the OWD and get a feeling for how the Buoyancy feels like. When you reach the feeling that the diving&buoyancy part is pretty much second nature to you. Then you are ready for it
  23. How does Vinegar or other acetic acid solutions affect O-rings?
  24. My vote go to the 60mm on DX. It is pretty versatile and easy to use. The 105 is very specific ( really small stuff and usage with diopters) on DX. The downside of the 60mm is that it does not really working with diopters. My suggestion: get the 60mm as a starter. /Erik
  25. I would dare to write that I would assume that the added oil from a housing polish is neglectable. Even by comparing the amount of Sun lotion to the Housing polishing on an average dive boat. I could not imagine that anyone would do it between dives! More likely between trips. /Erik
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