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  1. Does Ballistol work better than all other oils? Are there similar oils as well? /Erik
  2. I have never used the 85mm, but the 40mm is too short. I liked the 69mm on DX.
  3. I would also put in my vote for Bangka over Bunaken, based on diving. If you prefer small and nice Island resorts. Then Bangka has an advantage in my book.
  4. I would make a stop in Singapore. Well, I am biased towards the great food in SGP. The transit Hotel is not a bad choice. Since, you are allowed to leave the transit at Changi. Lion works, but if you have a choice then I would go for Garuda!
  5. Hi, From a Lightroom point of view. They definately seems to be unlinked. Which means that they are either renamed or moved. You would have gotten the same reply if you changed the name of the folders, files or location too. So, you need to find them on your Mac. Then go back to lightroom and point LR to the new location. Do you have the filenames? They are usually a prefix and a running number. Something like DSC_1234.nef for a Nikon raw. I would assume that the easiest way to find them would be to use these filenames and guesstimate the numbers. Then run a search on the whole Mac. If you have a good extended search function. Then you might be able to search using date & file format as well. The question is why on earth the MAC OS has moved your files around ( or renamed them). /Erik
  6. I assumed that he using M mode, but could have been A as well. I was fiddling around with a NEX6 at SGP and I ended up at 1/160 as well. It seems that 1/160s is the correct one. Mark: was it the Macro Lense?
  7. Hi, I assume that there are plenty users of different NEX version out there. One of the other guests on a Liveaboard had a NEX5. His system had a strange limitation of Shutterspeed when using the Macro Lense ( 30mm I believe). It seemed like the fastest Shutterspeed available was 1/60s. When using a WA it was higher. I just could not believe it! I never fiddled with the menus Is there some limititations when using macro lenses with th NEX:s? /ERik
  8. The only thing of real importance that I can see that would get fried is if you have a TTL Converter inside the Housing. The Hotshoe is basically just wires => rinse in sweetwater => works Leak Detector , well... TTL Converter: would be toast. I had a flooding about 5-6 years ago ( as always a really really stupid user mistake). I never had to replace the Hotshoe ( strobe connectors) and even the Leak Detector was still working. Therefore in most Housings a spare would help a lot! /Erik
  9. You might already carry a 60mm and a 105mmfor macro. As well as a Fisheye and a rectilinear Wideangle. That is sort of a backup. Admittedly not a 1:1 backup, but... There is not that much electronics inside the Housings. The Hotshoe is mostly cables and should be ok after drying up.. OK, the Leak Detector would be fried. Not the end of the world though. A backup Body would in my opinion be the most sensible backup. That said I do not bring a backup. A good vacuum system should do the job instead! /Erik
  10. Which version of the 16-35mm are you using? The present version is f/4 through the zoom range. It works just nicely in my experience. /Erik
  11. I just got back from Indonesia. I upgraded to a D800 incl the really big domeport. So, I had to find a new solution. This time I carried my Housing in the hand, using the Lanyard. I wrapped the Housing in some big velcro Neoprenes. It worked great. It made my backpack looking considerably smaller! The standard backpack was filled with the Zen 9" dome and a bunch of Lenses. /Erik
  12. I personally play it safe and use the proposed grease from the Manufacturer, for the non-black O-rings.. Those little Tubes lasts for ages and hardly costs anything. I never found it worth the potential risk to play around there! I have to admit to that I am packing quite afew different O-ring greases. /Erik
  13. A really nice set of very photogenic sharks. Well done!
  14. Yes, those Leak Detector are for sure loud enough on surface. Well, atleast you can hear them UW then as well. It is for sure a stressful moment when the Siren goes off... /Erik
  15. I am of the opinion that entering with the Camera in hand is asking for floody hell to happen. Not necessarily immediately, but sooner or later. Zodiac method: tuck in the Strobe arms . So, you don't twist your arm It is actually easier than it sounds! /Erik
  16. I personally always avoid jumping in with the Camera. In my opinion it is a big risk of flooding the Camera. I do not really know if there is a real issue or not, but I try to avoid the risk. Better safe than sorry! Some people are doing a giant stride with the DSLR straigth above the Head. with straight arms. Full BCD and not too much weights. It should pretty much stay dry that way, but ... If it is a Zodiac and you do a negative entry. I sit on the corner somewhere already putting the Camera in the water. Then doing the roll backwaters holding the Camera on arms length. It might sound a bit odd, but it works after a bit of practice. I learned the technique on a trip to Mozambique. /Erik
  17. You can choose a new Housing based on a lot of different issues! Personal view on ergonomics, price, availibility for service, build quality, weight etc etc etc That is fine and valid! It is true that Nauticam is a company form Hong Kong, Aquatica from Canada, Subal from Austria, Ikelite from US etc etc. Does this make an automatic differentiator in terms of Quality? I don't think so! It is much more down to how the Company works and the effeort that these persons put into the Quality. I thought that this was pretty clear in this day and age! Nauticam has an excellent Service Center chain and are prompt in their answers. I have nothing to complain about, on the contrary! That is a real adress, by the way! They look like that in Asia. /Erik Ps! By the way I have nothing against Aquatica it is a fine UW Housing.
  18. Hi Pete, I have bought the new V3 version as well. It looks like good value for the money. I haven't tried it so far either, but I will soon be in Indonesia and will test it. However, I would guess that it doesn't unscrew if you pull a Vaccuum... /Erik
  19. Nice Pictures. I prefer #3 as well, due to the surface reflections and a more "natural" look. /Erik
  20. The Nauticam buttons are in my opinion easily controlled, even with drygloves! I so far haven't tried it with anything else! Perception is a strange thing :-) That is one of the reasons for the Nauticam Housing for me :-) I had almost the same decision to make a couple of months ago. However, for a Nikon D800. I was looking at Aquatica, Nauticam and Subal. My decision ended up being Nauticam, since I found it had the best overall package for me. I believe that regardless if you go for Nauticam or Aquatica ( or Subal), you will be happy with the Housing! /Erik Ps! Make up your mind well. Since, the cost of the Domeport will keep you with the Housing for a long time :-)
  21. As previously stated the extensions are generally the better way. You get 1 more O-ring, but 1 port less to log on Flights. If you are not flying for your diving, then it is a slightly different issue. I have the macro 60 and the 30mm extension ring. It works just fine. If you want to put something like a 50mm(FX) . I assume the same goes for the 35m (DX). Then the Macro port is vignetting ( the opening is too small). Then Nauticam has standard Flatports, as well. I find it worth going for the Macro port anyway. /Erik
  22. Choosing a housing manufacturer is a bit of a personal feeling! Are the controls fitting your hands etc etc Check that they feel like they are well built, have enough of ports available for the Lenses that you want to use. In my opinion it is also important to have easy accessible spare parts, service etc etc! Also think about that you might want to continue to use the ports after updating the Camera & Housing. I am not all that familiar with the NEX Housings. I have just had a brief look., due to my wife. My personal preference would be Nauticam or Aquatica. /Erik
  23. You are welcome and thanks for the info! I am happy to hear that your problem is solved! /Erik
  24. That is an innovative way of hiding the sun in the picture Cool idea! /Erik
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